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Friday, August 3, 2012

Mooncake for sales

I am too early to jump on this boat, but since I started working full time, I need to find time to bake, and especially ensure all quality of the product is met before pushing to my customers.  I have not been baking for sales since 2 years ago as I can't find time, and the decision to bake was too last minute.  Therefore, this year, I am gradually posting this message, hoping to get some business to add-on for my income.

As I only use pure lotus seed in doing my lotus paste, I have to ensure I got sufficient 'bullets aka funds' to buy good ingredient.  This year, I am not getting way too ambitious with my mooncake sales, and only going to do mini pure white lotus paste and single egg yolk white lotus paste.  Period.

Same as all years, the mooncakes will be individually packed into either 2 or 4 pieces (for big ones) or 6 & 8 pieces (for the mini ones).  I have not decided on the pattern to use for both, and will surely update this when I got the time to do some sampling.

If you ask on the pricing?  I have not decided on this, but once I have done all the costing, I will surely do a round of early order which will have my customers getting some 'discounts' and 'food tasting'. 

Since mooncake festival will only fall on September 30th 2012, I have now ample time to do the pre-bake for photo shoots and so forth.  Stay tune for my posts... I will be posting this very soon... now got to go and dig out all my 'ka chang' to start.. 


  1. yup I see mooncake is on sales now and 7th month is not over yet...

  2. Moon cakes!! I love lotus seeds mooncake. Especially home-made one :)

  3. Wah....you are so good in baking!

  4. wah, mooncake...looking forward for your post.

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