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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Resort World Genting Mooncake

Before I begin, let's imagine...

Kiwi + Lotus Paste?
Ginseng + Lotus Paste?
Black Sesame?

Don't it sound exciting to have many flavor to spoil your taste bud?  As a consumer, it's always happy to see different exposure and experiment of different flavor, do you?

Now, let's begin with something 'lighter'..

Snow Skin with Kiwi Fruit Paste & Snow Skin Mango Paste
White butter skin with pandan corn paste & Healthy white lotus paste
with spirulina skin
Sweet Corn Paste with Chestnut
White Lotus Paste with Ginseng & Red Dates
The cut-opened mooncakes varieties
The design...

The promotions..
The price list
My personal verdict of the mooncakes?  Basically it's MOONCAKES! and of course it's sweet!!  BUT, very fortunate that according to the Mooncake Sifu from Genting, all ingredient use in Genting Mooncake are cooked by Genting staffs, therefore not those store bought or factory made filing and SUGAR is REDUCED for GOOD...

I like the butter skin ones, and the one with Black Sesame.. each bit is so full of fragrant of sesame, and didn't you know that black sesame is good for hair?  It's amazing that the Butter Skin Pandan with Corn, the corn taste did not overwhelmed the Pandan flavor, and how amaze that with the 'yolk' that made of CORN!!  Healthy and less guilty on cholestrol..

Snow Skin Mango!!  Oh gosh, I can even see the nibs of mango in the mooncake and it's really fragrant with mango flavors!  I may buy a box for my home consumption on this... 

Not forgetting... DURIAN too!!! 

Hop over to HERE for info, and I am sure you feel amazing just like me..


  1. I favor mooncakes with fruity flavors hence I would choose either snow skin with kiwi fruit or mango paste. Hope they are not too sweet!

  2. I can't believe we managed to try so many flavors that day!
    And it was nice meeting you! :D

  3. wah so fast the mooncake come out liao..
    this year my wife thought of making mooncake .. kekekeke

  4. Too many varieties...that I will just go for the traditional one. Lotus paste.LOL!


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