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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Will you continue waiting?

Yesterday I took leave, an emergency one as my dear Princess vomited during midnight, and purging so decision to take her to the paed was make and we went to our regular Paed, i.e Dr Koe at 11.30am.  When we went in to register, we got the number 45!!  Can you imagine of the 2 hours earlier, Dr Koe has registered more than 40 patients, and she only managed to clear about 10 to 12 patients by the time of our arrival. 

I don't see many parents when I arrived, thinking that there should not be a crowd, but eventually, more and more people appeared, and reason being they were told that it takes time for the crowd to clear, therefore some of them went home.  Out of sudden, we have more than 10 patients appear after 12pm!!  

I took Princess for lunch around 1pm, at the kopitiam next door, and came back after that... We continue to wait for another 2 hours, and only managed to catch Dr Koe around 3.30pm!!  I have totally waited for 4 hours yesterday just to catch her for 10 minutes!  Can you imagine the agony?

Glad that my Princess was not fussing while we wait, I was thinking to leave when it's around 1pm, but after we went to the loo, Princess was still having uncontrolled purging, therefore decided to continue waiting.   When I got home, I posted on my FB that I waited for so many hours, and some of my friends were really amazed...
Someone asked why I didn't proceed to normal GP, but to my humble opinion, as long as it's still on a toddler age, I prefer to go with the Paed, as I experienced by GP that they gave the same medication as adult to the toddler!!  *shiver*  Then Dr Koe is really a nice and highly recommended doctor, she make me feel at ease, and actually without her support, I wouldn't be able to breastfeed Princess for this whole 3 years!!  

You see lots of newborn babies with Dr Koe's clinic, as she is very patience with questions for parents.  Also, she is very supportive for breastfeeding, and in any circumstances, she will give her full guidance and support on this matter.  I always recommend Dr Koe to my friends since she is such a nice doctor.  I also 'warn' my dear friends to be patience like Dr Koe in the waiting department.. hahaha..

I was really amazed when I see Dr Koe yesterday, after handling so many patients, skipping lunch and so forth, she was still so smiley and comforting to me.  Can you imagine she started working since 9am, till 3.30, she still has approximately 15 patients to go and she can still smile!!??  Also, visits to her don't burn a big hole in my pocket as her consultation fees and medication always very reasonable..

I was always relieved after visits to Dr Koe with her assurance and support, and guess she knows how it feels to care for sick child... glad that Princess are all recovered this morning.

now the question.. Are you willing to wait for that long to see a doctor?


  1. Yes, I would, if she's good. :)

  2. I heard that she's very good and she doesn't open her clinic a lot. I wouldn't wait though because 6 hours is way too long. I sometimes bring Ashley to see Dr Ooi (opposite Parkson) and have to wait between 1.5 to 2 hours. Drives me crazy.

  3. do take good care of your prince and princess :) god bless

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  4. hmm, need to wait for 6 hours?? that's way too long and not acceptable to me..

  5. maybe it's too long to wait. Yr girl needs attendance immediately.

  6. My boy's paed is Dr. Liew from Ipoh Specialist Ipoh. I would wait, rather than seeing a GP. The medicines given by a GP sometimes is for adult consumption. I have experience this before, where a GP prescribed a rash cream that contains steroid to my boy, and my boy ended up with inflammation on his skin. The longest I waited is approx 3 hours, I think it's still worth to wait if the doctor is good and able to solve the problem.

  7. Glad that she is OK now..
    maybe you should look for alternative doctor just incase got any emergency if Dr. Koe is not around

  8. If you think is worth the wait and you have the assurance from the doc..I guess you don't mind the long queue.

    Speedy recovery Princess

  9. Yes, I also like this doc a lot. Very nice lady. Normally we will go early, register our names,eat breakfast and come back later for the appointment. Wish princess a speedy recovery.


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