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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd baby send to Shine Shine

As I am working in a shopping mall, and nowadays, shopping malls are equip with varieties of services.  My 2nd baby, which will act as my pair of legs to and from to work, is required to be taken care of in good manners.  I have to make sure this baby is always in good condition, in order not to upset any of my schedules.  

Since working in the mall, I think it would be easier for the baby to have it's weekly bath and monthly spa (even myself don't have spa) near to my place.  And while I am working, the baby is taken care of.  My car is now under the care of Shine Shine Club, and so far I have been happy with their service.  The price for the wash was also resonable, and mind you I pay the same amount for the baby to take the bath with those roadside car wash, but with Shine Shine, my baby is under a covered roof, no rush since they have ample time to do the job, and I can always send it back again if I am not happy with the bath.

Sometimes, if no rain, baby will get it's bath once every 2 to 3 weeks, but if on a rainy season, I can't bear to see the dirt on the baby especially if I find 'dropping'!!  Furthermore, I can bring the 'cousins' to the place too if they need a bath and price is the same.  So now, not just baby no2 is under the care, I plan to bring cousins along too.

I hope the baby and cousins enjoyed the water play, and be good always... 

P/s:  My 2nd baby is my new car.. and the cousins will be my mum's car lor...


  1. You are so rajin. You take care of you 2nd baby so well. I so malas to take my car for car wash. Only once in a blue moon.

  2. wah macam very professional! :) i think it's nice to have someone taking care of our cars when we have errands to run

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  3. I usually wash on my own...wash both mine and wifey's car in the weekend. Next time, when Kenji boy grow up, I will get him to help...haha


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