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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Caring for twins- by chance

Last night, I by chance now baby sitting a toddler same age (by difference of 6 months) with my girl.  I call it twins since they are same age group.  I have always been caring for a girl, and now with the additional one, I experienced how mother of 2 will be.

My niece put up in my house last night, and will be staying with me till tomorrow / Saturday as my cousin is travelling.  My niece goes to the same childcare as my girl, therefore, my cuz asked if she can tumpang her daughter.  Well, of course I agreed to it since this cuz of mine has been helping me alot during the down time.

I picked both of them from the childcare last evening, and upon arriving at home, my mum need me to send her to her yoga class in Bangsar, and we made an impromptu trip to Bangsar Village.  Initial plan was to bring the girls for Sushi however the Sushi restaurant is no longer operating.  I then decided that we should go to a place where the girls can play while waiting, and end up at Marmalade.

By having some competitive peer pressure, both girls raced to almost anything including of meal time!  Voila that I don't even need to shout or scream asking them to finish their meal, as they did it due to the pressure that one will be faster than another.  The girls behaved well, even holding hands while walking in the ball.  For the first time, my girl ditched me to be with someone!

Our first challenge came when we tried taking the escalator downwards.  We have no problem going upwards, but not the other way.  Both girls kind of panic with it, but when doing it individually, they are alright.  I litterally got to ask one girl to wait and bring one down, went up the escalator again, and left the one down there.  God send a guarding angel, that a guy walked passed and he helped to 'guard' the unattended girl when I ran up and down the escalator!!  *malu*

Then, my niece gave me another challenge.  While I was ordering in Marmalade, she wanted to 'pee'!!  See, taking 2 girls along, means I have to take 2 girls to the toilet, and while trying to settle the 2 of them together, my niece peed a little on her panties and we all 3 ran to the toilet!

We came back, I sat down, and the girls have their fair share of fun playing at the play area before food served!  After the dinner, we were ready to go picked up my mum after her class and headed home.  While at home, they both played and glad they didn't fight over the gadget, i.e. my phone and my Ipad.  "phew:

When time to head to bed, no hassle too.. only drawback is that I got a stiff neck this morning guess lying on the wrong side of the bed when having 3 of us in the bed.  2 girls which actively 'claiming' my sleeping place cause me not having sufficient sleep.  

One more night tonight.... and here comes weekened!! 



  1. The toughest part is when one has to go pee. Luckily you are not eating half way else u gonna leave the food on the table..must tell the waiter not to clear it.ahhahahahhah. i had that experience bfore.

  2. I have always wonder how people cope with twins. Imagine both wants milk at the same time. If breastfeed how? .

  3. I can't imagine myself caring for twins. I already feel hectic chasing my boy up and down, and can't imagine if I have 2 boys to chase after. But it is really good to have a companion. Kenji's cousin brother always came over, and he really make no fuss over meal time as both of them will be competing with each other. Guess there are pros and cons...yeah weekend is coming. Hooray to you too!

  4. oh..it's nice to see both of them playing together happily.


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