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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cynful Pleasure Logo

Remember I created a logo earlier and posted about it?  Wenn was asking where did I got that done, and here a post for her.

I seach online for free logo creation software, and stumble upon this website that provide the free logo design  in easy 1,2 3 steps.  People like me will love it coz I don't have a single 'creative' bugs in myself!  and I always wonder why I ended in a design firm.. LOL!

The front page where you can use to enter the design template 
Design Template where you can choose the logo, add in text, font, colour and etc
After completed with the design, you may get the logo email to you.  So, for those who wanted a logo, here you may find what you need.. but not the 'complicated' type ya.. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. Seems like a good website for design noobs like me :)

  2. This website looks cool~

    Can design our own logo :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. You mean we can create a logo for free? Cool!


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