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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cynful Pleasure @ Penang Hill

Over the long Malaysia Day holiday, I planned a trip up north to Penang with my mum and my girl.  It's not a good idea now that I learned for this since the week before we just landed South, and again taking long hours drive totally killed me when I am back from the trip.

It's a good trip minus the after effect, and I finally make a trip up the Penang Hill this round.  Every time we were in Penang, we hardly has chance to visit around the tourism places as we usually end up entertaining relatives.  But this time, since it's only ourselves, I decided it's should be a touring trip instead of for gathering.  

We went up the Penang Hill on the 16th, and the crowd was huge.  Parking was an issue that I litteraly round the parking area for more than 30 minuts in order to get a space.  Parking cost RM4 per entry.

After parking, you can walked to the ticketing counter through a pathway.

I have totally forgotten that it was Malaysia Day that day, and upon arriving at the ticketing couter (meeting my mum and the rest as I dropped them first to queue), guess who I saw?  I saw the CM of Penang smiling away.  

The queue to get the tickets were long, but service was good.  In just about 20 minutes queue, I managed to buy the tickets, and up we went to the platform, and only in mere 5 minutes, the train arrived.

The speed for the train is consider fast as it's moving upwards to the hill.  It makes 3 stops, and for those who like to hike up, may consider alight and hike up.

When we arrived at the hill top, a great scenery of Penang can be viewed!  It's amazing!!  It's cooling there too!  

While walking around observing the scenery and people, we then noticed that there was a celebration going on!  *no wonder CM was there*  

They have some dance presentation, songs and also some quiz session.  They also have a few counters entertaining the kids (sand art, face painting, hand painting) and Princess got a very nice hand painting which you can hop over to her blog to read.  I won a recycle bag and a toy tiger (forgot to snap pictures and now cannot find it) by answering what's the meaning of the white colour in Malaysia flag?  *I was 'forced' requested by Princess to go answer ANY ONE question coz she wants the bag!*

We did not stay till the end of the program, and the queue taking the train down hill was HUGE!!  I am glad that service was fast, and despite a long queue, we didn't need to wait too long!

I am happy I finally make a point to visit some places in Penang, and make a point to visit Penang Hill!!  Before we left, I saw people carrying sleeping bag and some food up, and I assume you can actually put up a night here if you want!  They also have a food court there, and pricing for the food is reasonable too!


  1. oh, that's nice. I was there a few months ago. Nice experience!

  2. Never been there though its quite near to my hometown....

  3. It's been some time since I went there. Though working in Penang for more than 2 years, I haven't been there...My colleagues said that I'm a "touch and go" man...only come to penang for work and balik ipoh.haha...

  4. I want to visit Penang again one of these days :)

  5. You made some decent points therechildcare hills area thanks for this


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