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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do you read your junk mail?

I seldom log into my other email address, which mainly use to cater for all those subsription services from those coupon sites, and in addition for the use to cater my previous emails.  This morning, my intention to log in to clean the mail box to ensure I didn't miss out any 'important' email and while browsing, I just opened my junk mail, and recived an email which I print screen for info.

While I read the mail, I laughed myself.  I imagine this 'person' must have been spamming quite a large number, as the information was not even close to accurate of me.  First thing that make it all wrong, that I am in the same gender as HER?  LOL!

Sometimes, for some laughing purposes, I will log in to my junk mail and read some 'interesting' ones.. like I am now won a billion or million, or I am one of the legal inheritance of some tychoon.. LOL!  Of course, all these for reading, and not to even trust and believe a single bit of it..

Do you read your junk mails too before deleting them?


  1. I will just delete them unless i recognise a familiar name.

  2. hmm sometime I do read on the junk mails

  3. Sometimes I just read my junk email, then after that throw and forget about it.

  4. I usually don't read and delete them on daily basis..

  5. I will look at the title before dumping them. Sometimes, non-spam mail will fall into spam mail box.

  6. I don't read junk mail at all.


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