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Friday, September 7, 2012

Have you tell Subway?

What did you have for lunch today?  I wrote about my lunch yesterday, and today, I went shopping around the mall, and missed the 'lunch' hour.  So, anything fast and fury will be a good help!

I head to Subway for their Cool Friday..which is the chicken slice sandwich.  What I like of Subway, I got to choose what I want to put in the sandwich, and I can avoid the onions and unwanted stuff.  I can bite each bite of the sandwich without picking up the unwanted..

Then I saw something on my receipt... "Complete a survey at www.tellsubway.my and get a free cookie" followed by "T&C Apply".. LOL!  So, since I am already back at my desk, enjoying each bite of the sandwich, I log in and do the 'survey'.  

Oh, the response was fast.. the moment I complete the survey, my email shown this picture!!  I can now claim my cookies when my next visit!  and YES, guess that will be soon coz I want to do another shopping soon...

So, next time if you happen to go Subway, don't forget to enter the survey and you will get a cookie for the next visit!


  1. I have redeemed a few times and the first time was bad experience. Ask me to show the email. Mana la I nak bawa...at the end kenot get my cookie

  2. Must remember to bring the email to redeem the cookie.

  3. Oooo I am gonna do it and redeem my cookie the next time I pick up my Subway.

  4. I never had subway before :( :(

    The nearest subway outlet from my home here is either Penang or Ipoh (does Ipoh has subway, btw?).

  5. Filled in before...redeemed my cookie successfully, but heard Ling din manage to get hers... they gave her nonsense.

  6. Free cookies. Who can resist freebies, right? I will remember that.

  7. Awwww...I love Subway too. Meatball marinara is my favorite!


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