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Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Ipad followed me home..

on 10 September 2012 @ 10PM!  Yes, we went to shop for a New Ipad, at that late at night!  I am not someone that follow the technie trend, and I sometimes almost the last to get something technie.  The last time I got something SMART, will be my Garmin Asus A10 smart phone which already with me for more than 2 years!  

Seeing Princess growing, and with the need of the Ipad in my brother's studies, we both decided to get one and share the usage.  My brother will use to download his study notes, while myself will use that when I am out of the house, and on travel to pacify Princess during long hours journey.  In addiiton, with the increase of apps available for educational program, it's good to invest in one of this right.

After considering for a long long long period, we finally decided... and bought this with installment plans..

I hope this gadget will be benefit to the family educational growth, and not just for games.  

The 2 available Ipad colours..

We choose the Black one with 32GB
We did not purchase any further accessories, except for addition 12 months waranty period.

Now, anyone got any good Ipad apps that I will need to install which you recommend?  Please help this 'pak chi' here coz I don't seems to be able to see apps I want!  sei for mou?

I finally able to cross out another wish list item...


  1. Sorry kenot help you coz I have no iPad. Congrats on your new purchase though :)

  2. mine is white...
    I think you make a good choice..

  3. Congrats on your purchase. I intend to buy one too for my boy's learning later on.


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