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Monday, September 24, 2012

Starting primary at 6 years old?!

I recently went to the 'potential' school of my girl again, just to make another round of visit and want to make sure my girl does loves it.  So, since last week, I was sick, and was given a day of medical leave, I utilised it to make this trip during school day, to see what happen on school days in the school.

Upon talking to the principal, she informed me that my girl's batch (born in 2009) MIGHT be the first batch of guinea to commence primary at the age of 6!!  My first concern that strike me are 2 factors. 


Guess now the schools are taking in at least 40 people in a class (referring to Chinese based) and with a double entry of school going kids, are we ready in 2 years time?  The principal did not give me any comfort answer but even rub it in to say they don't know what going on too.  

In addition, that year of graduates will have to be more competitive as there will be double batch of students entering uni when completion of the schools!  Are we having sufficient preparation for those 12 years to come?

Haiz.. how can our Education system changes without further planning?  In 2 years time, they want to roll in more students, but I don't see schools and teachers sprouting.  Already they are in the situation of insufficient teachers, and now to handle double batch at different age?

Guess, I got to quit to go into teaching.. maybe I should start now to see any Chinese Primary school want to take me in to teach, and then by my girl entering Primary, they have 1 more teacher.  Anyone want to join me?

I hope the recent announcement of the new Education blue print is already given best of thoughts and not acting just for the sake of staying in power!!  I am tired of being a guinea pig, since I am the last batch of UPSR (7As requirement) and PMR (First batch)!! and now, my girl's turn!!!


  1. Frankly I don't like this new system. I think is a bit too much.

  2. Oh, that means my boy also kena jadi guinea pig. Haiz....what to do. But I do agree with you, there is something wrong with our Education system.

  3. poor kids and sakit kepala for parents too.

    Anyway, I started primary school at 6. back then not many kids started as early as me...but I guess I am one of those lucky ones, and less pressure that time.

    i just don't like the education ministry simply wanna have a change here and there as they like. It's not them who suffer, but our kids.

  4. aiyo the education system so messy now..

  5. I can understand your concern. our education system is really in a mess and the people in charge of the ministry are not doing a good job and i say they are not even qualify for the job. Let's hope the GE13 will bring better changes when we vote in a new govt.

  6. Ya..i remember last time, must have 7As in UPSR then no need do remove..right. That why I ended up in private school although I am surprised I pass all subjects coming from "banana" family. I heard these days, as long you dont fail UPSR, you dont need remove.

  7. I've read the recent blueprint, it mentions that primary school entry age to remain at 7 years old, same as now. The previous talk about starting 1 year earlier is from 10th Malaysia Plan 2011-2015, published in about 2010. So the current blueprint will override those proposals.

  8. Hmm, this really worries me... Not sure hows the education system goes for the coming years... =_="

  9. Not too sure about this but I'm sure about the remove classes being done away with. That I'm very happy :)

  10. I have been discussing this with my SIL on this too. The system is messy and cause a lot of worries in parents. haih...you are the first batch sitting for PMR too? Then, we must me at the same age :)

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    1. Well, I guess the education system now makes us very stressful too.


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