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Friday, September 28, 2012

Stiff Neck and Mid Autumn Festival!

It's a bad stiff neck that I am experiencing for the last 2 days due to improper sleep posture.  As blog earlier, I am taking care of 2 toddlers at the moment, and both girls sleep like snake where they both occupying my queen size bed leaving me a small area.  While trying to give as much comfort to the girls, I had a stiff neck now.  It's so bad that I could not turn my head to the right!!  Ouch!

In addition, I also did not have sufficient sleep that causing me yawning in the office this mornig.  Try to divert my attention to this blog post as I think I get more energy to keep on typing on my keyboard than reading. LOL!  

I am comtemplating if I should visit the doctor for the stiff neck remedy and medication since I have put on some oilment last neck but it's not feeling any better.  I might have another night to endure if my cousin did not pick up her daughter tonight.  Weekend is coming, and I want to bake and hopefully the pain will go away ASAP!

I also take this opportunity to wish all of you

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! 



  1. Hope your stiff neck problem gone soon. Take care and happy festmid autumn festival to u n family.

  2. some said sun our pillow and we will be alright after sleeping on it. Hope it heals soon otherwise its gonna be so uncomfortable during this coming festive season. Happy Mid Autumn to you!

  3. Happy mid autumn festival to you. I hope you can gain back some sleep this weekend.

  4. Apply some yoko yoko. It will heal on its own in a matter of days. Happy mid autumn!


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