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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf is COMING!!

Each year, I saved up my income tax 'rebate' for books & magazine for this annual event.  It's been the 3rd year this year, and I have been waiting patiently for the announcement.  It was earlier announced that the Wolf is not coming, and it was really disappointed but later, it's CONFIRMED now!!  

This year, the book sale is at MIECC and I will go on the 1st day if I did not win any preview passess!  Best, if anyone of you won a pass, and needed a friend in troll, do let me know too!!

My brother was involved in the sales for the last 2 years, but this year he won't be working there as he has upcoming trips.  :(  So, I am sure I need to go there myself, bring back all the books I want!!  I am so gonna enjoy this sales in year end!  I am sorry that LHDN will not be able to tax me on this rebate (as I plan to spend it)! LOL!

Anyone going?


  1. I miss the book fest, and looking forward to this as well. Would like to pick up some books for kenji and myself. you're right...am going to utilize the rebate too :)

  2. Nvm...if tak dapat go...I have Mamarazzi.ahhahahah

  3. Would love to go but very scared of the crowd and scared of losing one of my kids when I'm busy choosing books haha!

  4. I am sure many of you will be there! :)

  5. I missed it last year. This year must go! Thanks for the updates!


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