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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

weekend, weekend...where are you?

Aware:  This is a ranting post!!!!
Read at your own risk and don't get infested!!

This week, I am not in the mood to work as I am thinking of my lost of RM700++ (depending on the calculation which I have yet to see) due to a 3 days leave I took during the Hari Raya.  When I am so much in need of cash, I received the news that not just my work days pay is deducted, even my weekend precedent to my 3 days leave will be cut too!

Well, if you asked me why heart pain since I already know there will be a pay cut?  Coz in actual fact, I got annual leave to be utilise (not 3 but 5 bl*rdy days) but it is now can see cannot use situation!!  I cannot touch the leave as I am waiting for a BMW to appear!  What is BMW you ask?  it's the bl*rdy BLACK & WHITE la!  When I asked my boss, he told me I am COMFIRM and with many many attempts I asked him, he told VERBALLY I am COMFIRM but BMW will have to WAIT!! wait for what?  GOD knows...

I just don't feel good this week, and I am hoping to end this week ASAP!  I am very frustrated that even after talking to my boss, I still don't get the money 'saved' from deduction!  I am assured that the money already deducted, no need to wait till pay day, as I bumped into my HR yesterday and it's COMFIRM that it's deducted!  Just to see how much is the deduction!

I am not ranting that I don't have sufficient $$ to tie over the month, but guess it's not fair to me!!  I am already employed for more than 6 months, and I have not got the BMW yet!!  The future is so unclear, as I am not in the position to say anything if they decide to FIRE me just a day before the year end and burn my bonus (if any) for this year?  Without the BMW, I can get kick out of the office within ONE day!!

In addiiton, I was hoping that I can just use my salary to pay Princess kindergarden registration fees without touching any of my savings, guess now, I just have to go withdraw my own money!  Lost the interest, no choice since the priority is for Princess!!  

And keep those extra annual leaves that I can see but can't use for next year la! or may year end?  or maybe.... 

At times when I don't need the leave but money.... guess it's just plain unlucky!!  and next month, it's a 'kuk chong' month!!  haiz... WHY ME?  I am so happy last week that I finally close a chapter of my life story, and yet, this has to happen to me!!! haiz... 


  1. Not fair! No Black and white better... can leave anytime u want ma :p

  2. Charmaine.. that's if I plan to leave.. but if I don't, then I can say bye bye to my bonus also if no BMW!

  3. Cyn, if your boss reads your blog, you might be getting your BMW tomorrow.. :))

    1. Claire.. give me Porche now also no use liao lor..

  4. dear, can i add your FB, my FB Anje Damia Nurin. FB i before this dah kena hacked.

  5. I am feeling for you on this dear but don't let this malaise drag you down ya...I've always believed what is to come,will eventually come...

    Just keep an open heart ya...even if the weekend were to come fast,what's the point you might not feel good as well,kan...jadi just chill a bit ya,,,now a beer on me for you ..

    1. Thanks bro!! I give you the beer bill when I am in Penang next.. or when you be in KL? :p

  6. Something weird about your company. Why have to wait for confirmation before can utilize the annual leave? I understand your feeling especially when the bonus is around the corner, but always remember that there is a silver lining behind every clouds. Just be patience, and if you really 'sek kuk chung", come to ipoh lar... i buy you dinner :)

  7. aiyo...why like that..macam bully case! That is the thing about working, have to see ppl face, got bullied also cannot make noise. Hope this matter resolve quickly and u get the B&W soon!


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