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Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Breastfeed? Coz I am selfish!

Someone recently asked me why I first decide to breast feed, and I told her cause I am a selfish mom.  She went on saying why I say so, and I told her bout the selfish story, and we laugh over it  :D  My Breastfeeding journey which is still ongoing after 3 1/2 years and I can say the only thing to  mothers out there that want to breastfeed, is that you got to be a selfish mother, which will love yourself more than anything.  

I first think and look at the $$ sign all the time.  YES,  I count every single cents during the first 2 years of my child birth.  Being one that having to stay at home with no financial support and working on a part time basis, I can only think of ways to save $$ and to ensure my baby is fed well.  I need every single cents to 'survive' or both of us may just tumble down.  So, being a 'selfish' mother, I of course need to ensure my necessities are taken care of, before I can even take care of the child, I went ahead to breastfeed without any thought but MONEY!  Each time my child feed, I tell myself I saved another few bucks by not feeding my baby formula milk.

Then, I was so tired and sleepy while caring for the child myself, I needed my much beauty sleep.  I resort to breastfeeding so I can feed and sleep at the same time!  I can just tuck the 'milk' into my baby's mouth, and need not think of her getting 'chock' or anything.  I can then just lie down and let her finish her feed.  I don't need to get up middle of the night for feeding!  and best, I don't have to do all the sterilisation, bottle washing and bla bla blah... fuh, so much easier.. See, again, myself come first..

I can't be staying at home all the time, I need to go out every now and then but I don't enjoy having to take many many things and a big bag.  I don't think I can handle the 'load' since I am always alone going out, and having to take a big bag which have bottles, milk powder, water and blah blah blah is a big NO NO!  So, I opt to carry only a nursing cover, and I feed by child as and when she needed it!  Jaga sendiri dulu!

Now, I did not persistently wean off my girl was coz she makes a huge fuss each time, and ended we both stressed up like people staying in Tanjung Rambutan!  So, I decided that I will slowly 'poison' her mind, but still let her have her 'fix' each time she asked for it.  I am sure for one day, she will get bored of asking, and decide to wave bye bye on her own.  See again, I need to make myself sane, and not being drive insane by my girl whine and cry!  I breasfeed..

I didn't think that how good it can be the breastmilk to my child, but later, my paed told me that I can skip a few optional 'vaccinations' since I am breastfeeding, this means I also save some $$ la.. ok, happy with it.. I continue... Then slowly realised that my child has not been really sick over the last 3 years, and the paed is always happy to see her for those 'minor' sickness.  She has been praising her for the good health!  *ok, hope I don't jinx it*

Again, this 'selfish' mother feel happy la.. who will not when you get all the praises right?  So, continue to feed... With all the above 'excuses' I have for MYSELF, my breastfeed journey is a success I would say, and now it's just time to end it all well.. 

Now, for my dear friends who reading this, you know now that why I can breastfeed for so long la... coz I LOVE MYSELF ma... and yes, I am a selfish single mum.. LOL!  I don't pressure myself to give the best to my child, but give the best to myself, so in return my child is getting the best too!  Please don't go stress over the breastfeed matter, and it will come as natural as it can be.

I told my friend, if all cows can feed (did you hear a calf feeding on any other milk?), every mother should be able to.  Just don't stress up and that will make YOUR body upset and ON STRIKE to provide milk to your child.


  1. your breastfeeding period is long..
    my colleague just deliver and she said that there are no more milk after 1 month of breast feeding..

  2. Hehe... and also one big benefit to "selfish mom" -- can lose weight! :P No need to spend $ on slimming center!

  3. Cynthia, not many mums can do that. You must proud of yourself, and I proud of you.

  4. You are totally not selfish my friend. It's all about the love you poured for your princess. Not everyone have the determination to do that for 3 long years. You are a wonderful mummy!

  5. Breastfeeding is the best! But require alot of patience and determination, and also vitality ..

    I'm sure you're one proud mummy!

  6. i miss breastfeeding and you're right about the part being able to sleep! when he cried i just pull him over and feed him while i snore. hahaha

  7. You are not selfish. You should be proud of yr achievement.

  8. Proud of u dear!!! Ya I'm sure breanna will self wean when the time is right ;-)

  9. Haha...good one. I am equally selfish! :D

  10. Wonderful job! My sister in law did it for almost a year for each child.


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