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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A gift from far..

I got this precious gift few days back, but didn't have time to do any photoshoot and editing, therefore only blog about it now.

Guess you know this famous blogger who went on a holiday spree recently, and when she was away, she did a giveaway contest, and I am one of the lucky winner!!!  Thanks Claire for the gift all the way from SF!!

So happy receiving this, and I keeping this for future use.. SOON... and that's another benefit of blogging!! YEAH!


  1. I got this too...Thanks to Claire on this :)

  2. ya lor,, she is one of the most generous bloggers i ever met,,,, God Bless this woman and give her the energy,strength so that so that she can go "kai kai" always ,,,,

    and you too,for being nice to friends,, keep it up sis

  3. ya...the power of blogging. haha...

    Very nice gift!

  4. Lovely gift, is it coasters from SF?

    Claire is a generous and nice lady~

  5. So nice! Get a gift all the way from US! ;)

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  7. Nice gift, who don't like gift right?

  8. oh so nice of her! :) grats on winning!

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  9. I got my gift too, congrats to you!


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