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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Buying from Lazada

I recently bought a new toy, after reading one of the blog post by one blogger.  Guess what I bought?

I should say my experience with this online purchase was pleasant, infact, I classified it as efficient!  It took only 2 days for them to process the order and goods delivered to my doorstep.  What even better is the product was wrapped in bubblewrap, and with a box and foam!

Do you know what is this?

It comes in 2 compartments

Yes, it's a garlic slicer!!

I love to have fried shallots for my food, but being paranoid about those ready made selling outside, since I heard so much 'horrible' story that they put in plastic in the frying process and blah blah blah... So, I decided to avoid my teary eyes slicing shallots for frying, I bought this toy!

Now I can have nice, fragrant shallots and oil for my cooking! and I bought it from Lazada with a discount and free delivery!

*This is solely my own opinion and has no any monetary benefit from Lazada* 


  1. AT FIRST i thought it is arrow head

  2. Try it out n let me know whether good or not...
    i love these kind of stuff..

  3. I always am so amazed with all these things, but i am already afraid to try since alot times they dont work out as good as mentioned one! Hope u can do a review using it! hehehe

  4. Oh have you try out? I'm interested

  5. Cool one, i am sure you will put this into good use.

  6. I love your new toy! Is it easy to use and efficient?


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