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Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Vouchers..

Do you use it till the very last minute?

I have been told by my mum that she has 2 vouchers from Cititel for their buffet lunch / brunch, and was not informed of the expiry date.  Last night, my brother received a call from my aunt informing that the vouchers are going to expire on 21st October 2012!!!!!!  Can you imagine my horror?  

This morning, I called the hotel, and was informed that the hotel coffee house that is fully booked!! Being adament to go for the buffet, I asked if I could walked in tomorrow, and was advise to do so after 12.30pm to see luck if got any cancellation!  Now, pray hard someone did not turn up tomorrow for the brunch.. hehehe..

This is not the first time it happen.. everytime we have to rush like headless chicken if we do not monitor the expiry date of our vouchers.  Procasnating on any redemption till the very last minute and enjoyed the adrelinal gland rush for no reason.. isn't it fun?  

I usually try to redeem my voucher ASAP when I got it, and then trying very best not to get any vouchers that have months long of expiry date as I tend to forget about it till the very last minute.. so either I sometimes burned it, or I rush like orang gila!  

Must learn lessons not to do that anymore... 


  1. good luck ... hope that you could get a place..

  2. Wish you can have a place tomorrow and enjoy your food as much as you like.

  3. This post reminds me of the complimentary vouchers from joining as starwood privilege member! Gotta dig out the vouchers and start making reservation now!

  4. wow..so nice to get vouchers but not nice if they are not used.. quick, quick... hope you can get the free meal!!

  5. I'm one of the last minute users. Not only free voucher, coupons that I bought too. Luckily my wifey is good at checking things out, and keep reminding me. If not, sure rugi!

  6. Erm, I love free vouchers but it depends on what types also. If I know I don't use it, I'll just give to friends.
    Otherwise, I will redeem it before it expires...

  7. if it's worth it. I would go for it..

  8. Hahahahahaha ...... I am the same like you too when it comes to free vouchers. But glad that you make it at the end.

  9. I'm very forgetful, too! Will always try to redeem it before I keep it and forget about it :p

  10. I love free vouchers and will always try to use them before they expire.


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