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Friday, October 5, 2012

Genting Booking for CGM Astro!

I recently booked a night stay in Genting in year end, as I am going to support a friend who has won one of the Astro CGM series, and now the finalist who will compete with the other 7 contestant to be the 'champion'!  I wish her best of luck, and to show the support, I planned a trip to Genting on the 23rd for a night.

My beautiful friend who recent won one of the CGM segment.
Anyway, back to my story of Genting booking.  I am a Genting card member, which entitle me to book a room in Genting with promotion rate online.  So, I proceed to book a room in First World for myself (cheaper and nearer to theme park), and a room for my friend in Theme Park (which nearer to the Arena) who will be bring her family along to support this friend too!  After booking for 2 rooms, my friend called to inform that she wished to bring her aunts there too to support the show!  I happily log in to my account to book another room, and to my horror I was told I utilised my quota!  ah?  What quota?

So, I call and speak to the customer service, and was told that I am entitle to book 5 rooms in First World and 2 rooms in Theme Park but after long winded explanation, they can't satisfied me with their explanation, which I only has booked 1 room each in both the hotel!! So, never give up people said... I try putting my comments in Genting FB (the power of FB), with many many exchange of comments, finally someone called me and I again, explained my intention.

There is a reason for Genting to put quota, as they found people misuse their system to book at lower rate and re-sale the room!  However, I remembered when I check in last time, I have to be there in person to check in, or the Front Desk will not release a room.  You mean people so free, book a room, sell for higher price, drive up all the way to Genting, check in then let others stay in the room? and next day come back to do the check out?  *I don't understand the logic*

Anyway, I tried long winded explanation, and wishing Genting understand my situation, coz I wanted to go Genting earlier, and then I can check in all the rooms first before my friend arrival, then I just go jalan jalan on my own.  When they arrive, I just pass them the keys to their room.. blah blah blah...

Cut long story short, I am glad that Genting has such understanding personel that they granted my booking (with promotional price) and all settle within that week.  I now just have to look forward to year end, and also prepare my girl for the trip.  I plan to drive up, which will be my first time, and shall pray that the journey is smooth and safe.

In addition, I hope you will also support my friend in the final by voting for her (if any).

Thank you in advance, and 



  1. i thought the buy 1 free 1 promo is with MEMBERS with points? if u just join, ada point meh???

    aiyo. if u just join with no points and can get buy 1 free buy.. then i want to dum sum hou. cos i m going this monday :(

  2. May be you don't know, I am a die hard fan of this singing competition. I am not a fan of anyone though there is a Taiping contestant this time. The champion of the first category is from Taiping.

    Every Saturday eveing, me and my two princesses will sit infront of TV watching this program. My girls enjoy watching the score annoucement.

    All the best to your friend, she has high potential to be the top champion.

    Meaning, I may see you in TV, if you shout louder enough in the final.


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