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Thursday, October 25, 2012

I fell in love with Google Chrome

Oh, I can't hide my happiness with Google nowadays!  as I find it very interesting with all the new apps and stuff available!

First, I decided to use my Google Drive, and it has give me a good 'sharing' platform with all my friends especially when we need to organise stuff!  I recently created an excel sheet online and share with my church members as we are organising a trip, and that will let all participants to log in and key in their own guest list, and we need not just appoint ONE person doing that!  How convenient right?

Then, I found out how the Chrome Store has so many apps that I can use.  I found some interesting games, and also loaded them into my Chrome main page for access.  Now, all I need is just a username and password to access all this everywhere I am!!

Remember my post on the Banana Boat Sun Protection Cream post?  At the end, you see the video of my Princess applying the cream.  It was taken with 3 different video, and I have been trying to edit these video but due to time constrain, and my 'going going to die on me' laptop, I did not manage to do it.  Then, I decided to search the chrome store for some apps that can at least help.. and I found WeVideo and installed it on my Chrome.  I am more than happy to found out that the apps works well with my Google Drive!! I can store all my edited video online, and also share on You Tube!!

With the collaboration of You Tube and Google, I also just need ONE sign in ID, and I am everywhere!!  How great again!! I can then use Blogger (another one using Google ID) and blog, and put the video in the post!!  Nice...

Beside video editing, I also found PicMonkey, which is a photo editing portal!  If you hop over to my Princess blog, you will see I change the header pic and it was done using the apps as I was too bored sitting at work.. :p

Now, if you have not try the Google 'magic', you may want to give a try and explore it your way.  

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*This is solely my own opinion and has no any monetary benefit from Google*


  1. I've been using chrome for the past one year. You are absolutely right on the apps. There are lots of them and it is literally spoiled users like us. By the way, G-mail also run faster with Chrome, and have more features which i could't recall the name. Try it!

  2. Yeah I'm a googleholic, I can't live without googgle.

  3. I always google. It's my faithful friend..

  4. I am also using google chrome but I have yet to check out their apps.. :)


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