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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I overslept this morning bacause of 天梯

天梯》(The Last Steep Ascent

I finally completed chasing after this love story drama last night until 1.30am!!!! and this morning, with no alarm ringing (it was off yesterday morning for some 'excuse') and to my horror I woke up at 7.25am this morning!!!  Rush like mad, but still able to arrive at work by 9am!

Anyway, back to the drama, it's a new TVB drama, and it's based on a true love story.  This time, TVB did a good job in this show, and I do hope they will win some award by year end when TVB had their annual award giving ceremony.

You can read on this drama from HERE and HERE.

If you are one that like love story, and also some fights over inheritance, you may consider watching this drama.  It's a very touching story with such strong family relationship, and also undying love from the man to the woman.  

I am also watching another TVB drama 雷霆掃毒》(Highs and Lowsand if I find it good with the ending, I will share again ya... Been on loads of drama this month, cause next month, I am going to be very busy again. 

I seriously need to put my energy in good use to earn some extra funds for my princess account, therefore will really need to plan to start baking cookies for the festive season (Christmas, Chinese New Year), and if you can help me promote a bit, that will be good... heheheh.... 


  1. luckily you made it to work!

  2. I watched the first few episodes of 《天梯》, then the rest I just went to TVB website to read it synopsis only.

    I didn't watch 《雷霆掃毒》. The last drama that I watched was Tiger Cops.

  3. I'm not a fan of drama, but my wife do, and she will pull me to sit beside her during her drama indulgence.

  4. hahaha....I was a TVB drama addict too and would watched one episode after another and then felt deeply regret when I couldnt make it to work the next day...


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