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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ish.. Ish.. Ish....

Incident dated 3 Oct 2012

This morning I called to the "H" bank informing them that one of my credit card did not appear in the post, and it's the 3rd time I called since I was informed about the postal a month ago.  Each time I called, they suggest me to keep waiting as it may afraid that it's on its way to my office.  *I use office address to receive the card, as I think my house may be empty most of the time*.

When finally I called today, telling them to cancel the card, and get the replacement to the branch near my office, the card appear in front of my desk AFTER LUNCH hour!!! For goodness sake, THERE it came after a month of waiting!!! *anger boiling*

Now, I got to walk to the bank in another 5 to 7 days (the working ones somemore) to collect my card since I requested it to be delivered there!!! Ish!

I tell you ah, this bank hire the most effective call centre, because each time you call, they speak to you in their damn best manner, but they got the wrong way to reach their customer!  I am serious!  Their customer service call centre is that efficient that they call you almost immediately to ask you if you need extra cash but not sending a mere credit card!

I am sorry H bank, I think you don't get me as a long loyal customer should you continue to give me problem like this!!  I am sure gonna say bye bye to you!


  1. You know so far for local banks, I most prefer Public Bank..their OTC staff are super efficient,unlike the "tiger' ones,,,,,slow slow macam kura kura,,

  2. So far I'm using HSBC is ok...as I have a bad experience like you with local bank previously.

  3. I hate those "servicing" organization. When they want to promote something to you, they are superb efficient - they don't mind calling you several times per hour and slowly, patiently explain everything.

    But when you want them to do something, they are slow like snail, hmpf!!

  4. Aiyo...understand how you feel coz I have experience it before.


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