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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

甲洞 (Kepong Gangster) Movie

I don't know if you are aware, there is a promotion on Golden Screen Cinema where Buy 1 get 1 Free when you purchase with Visa Debit or Credit card.  You can refer the promo HERE.  Below is the promo screen captured.

So, I bought 2 tickets for 甲洞 (Kepong Gangster) Movie last Saturday at Tropicanan City Mall, and off we went to watch.  I have no regret going for this show, as it's a good show!!!  I have never expected Malaysian production to be that GOOD!!

As said by the title, this is a gangster theme movie, similar to the HK "Young and Dangerous" where 5 students who were bullied at school, joined a secret society to seek protection, and later involved in the gangsterism activities such as bookie, drug pusher and loan collectors.

It provided a good educational point for the young ones, that being in this 'journey' is not a good example.

I would suggest that the young teenages, especially those in the rebellious stage, should watch this show!  Parents, bring along your children if you going.

Only one thing that I tolerated was the 'Cantonese' that spoken typically Malaysian style. LOL!  the 'lui' thing is damn hillarious!! LOL!

Now, since it's on promotion, why not support the local production right...

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