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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last day of October...Last day of Work too!

Today will mark my last day of work with the current company, and on Thursday I will be starting somewhere nearer and NEW challenge!  I settled all the handing over, and bid goodbye to some of my colleagues.

I spend a good 11 months in the Company, learning a few things, create some relationship (colleagues) and know some new people but guess it gone too stagnant for me to challenge myself here.  I have been actively looking up for jobs in near few months after realising some 'displeasure' cannot be overcome emotionally.  I better leave before making things worst.  Yes, indeed I lose out the coming 'bonus' if any when I decide to leave now.

When I first joined this company through a recommendation of a friend, and with this employment has given me the opportunity to get this better offer I have.  Also, with the payslip of the Company, I manage to buy my car and also get on a more comfortable life with less struggles.  At the very least, I can bring my Princess for weekend shoppings trip and buy little toys for her. I am really thankful on this matter.  

The new Company is quite promising, and even before my commencement of work, I was already been briefed of the Company future plan, and started to know some of the Company event calendar too!  I am happy with the new found opportunity, and most important it's near my house!!!!  

I wish my current company and colleagues their best in the future undertakings and May I have a fruitful change of my own undertakings too.


  1. All the best to your new job. Good luck!

  2. Good to hear that...
    well hope that many good things will follow up..

  3. Good luck with your journey in the new company!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Wah so fast start working at new place already? Dint even rest more? Hmm..
    Anyway, good luck in your future undertakings ;)


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