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Monday, October 15, 2012

Organ Donation

Are you pantang about this?  Do you believe in maintaining the whole body when depart from the human world?  Actually I don't.  I believe in maintaining life, I believe in giving chance, therefore, I pledge to donate my organ today, 15th October 2012 ONLINE!

Yes, now it's that easy to do a pledge.  I hope my family members will take my pledge, and let the medical person do their best in using all 'good' organs they required when I depart.  Some people may think it's too early to say, but you never know when GOD will take us back to his side to care.  I remembered years back, I tried to search for organ pledge campaign but very unfortunate, it's not that common here and recently my church did organise a blood donation and organ domation campaign, but then I was occupied with my girl, therefore did not stay on for the necessary. 

This morning, while I was reading the online news portal, I came across this online pledge website, and immediately, I took the 5 minutes to register, and VOILA, I am done!! I received email that they will be sending my pledge card to me in 7 working days, but even I didn't I know I have done my part, and now is just to inform my family members so they don't burn or buried my organs away later.

I am urging you to also do your part, and give this campaign and good thought.  Thanks.

For more information, visit A Gift Of Life


  1. I signed a form and received a card few years back. But how do we know they actually keep our information?

  2. Good job! I also signed u years ago but didn't receive a card. I should check again.

  3. Bravo Cynthia. My respect goes out to you for doing this pledge.

  4. I was thinking to do the same. I use to be very afraid of giving away my organs..you know how there are so many stories saying if you are incomplete and stuff like tht you cannot go through the process after death? hahah

    I am still quite afraid since i am always thinking...'What if those stories are true???' but now i am looking for this too,as i ask myself if *touch wood* Jasper needs an organ implant and all, and of course as a mother i would want to have an implant for him. So i guess I'll have to take away my fears and go through it!

    Thank you for sharing the link, i will be joining in too!


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