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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Teacher Vs Parents

Every morning while driving to work, I tuned to 988  and they always have interesting talking topic whcih involve our daily life.  This morning, something interesting is up for 'debate' on teacher and parents relationship.

As a 'old' student, guess my relationship with the teachers was good then.  I have got many attention shined on me due to my laziness, and also some 'extra' helpfulness.  Teachers love to complain to my parents on my laziness (coz I really hate homework) but on the other hand, I was also participating in many activities therefore, teachers will try to make it back to my parents so they will not be SO ANGRY about the complain(s).

Well, now as a parent myself, I can say I am in good relationship with my girls' 'teachers'!  At least I am able to get feedback about how my girl is doingwith little effort.  Teachers know if parents are concern or not, so they will feed you with information you need to know ASAP!  When some callers called in this morning mentioning their own relationship with teachers, as there was report on teacher 'caning and beating' students, guess most parents are still the good ones around.

I remembered I had a teacher who cast 'fear' to everyone of us, and the only thing she has been holding is the cane and whoever 'smell' her coming, will start to shake in 'fear'.  I hope in future, my girl does not meet with teacher like this but not those 'don't care don't bother' type also la.  

Then it was the blame of parents to teachers for not able to teach their children properly, and teachers crying foul that the responsibilities should be shared among parents.  Actually sometimes, a student will listen to the teacher more than the parents, don't you agree?  Sometimes children tend to be more 'daring' when come to parents, but not with teachers.

There are so many parents-teachers stories available if we read the newspaper each day, however I do hope the relationship can be mend and be better in future.

So, hows your relationship with teachers?


  1. kena rotan once from teacher cos i failed in one subject..LOL!!

    Other than that...everything was good back then

  2. oh, I was a teacher before and I got well with parents. But now I as a parent, I don't have the time to meet teachers..

  3. I'm a fans of 988 too. Will listen everyday when driving to work. Nowadays some parents overreact when their children got canned or some sort of punishment by teachers. I have a friend who reported her case up to ministry of education and local papers, and claimed that the school is abusing her child. All the teacher did was pinching her daughter for forgetting to bring her exercise book. I was once a student too. I got pinched, canned and punished in many ways before, but I learnt my lesson and behave properly after that.

  4. I had pretty good relationship with my teachers. Now, I am too busy to meet the teachers from my 2 older girls' school but will chat with my #3's pre-school teachers everyday.


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