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Monday, October 29, 2012

The HR Procedures..Exit Interview

Completed and Done!  I have officially given a copy of my resignation letter to the HR Department for the calculation of all my salary (since they need to pay me on my untaken leave) and all the claims this morning.  My resignation letter has been signed accepted by my boss, and a copy forwarded to HR too!

I have applied leave on 31st October 2012 (despite it's my last official last day) and went ahead to make appointments for my spa treatment before starting on my new challenge on 1st November 2012!  I remembered when my last resignation from my previous job, I too, took leave and went for a good body massage before embarking on the job!

I believe a good relaxation before a new challenge is important, and it's good to rejuvenate before that.  One should be well prepared mentally and emotionally calm in order to face the challenge.  I search around for some coupons, and finally found one that's near my house, and they accepted my appointment on the 31st!

In addition, I should go to do all my KWSP stuff, banks and all which requires me to be in KL, so I could stay away from KL for a while and enjoyed my days working neare to my staying place.. LOL!  I tell ya, I am looking forward of those 'can sleep extra minutes' days now.. Guess I can be out of the house later now! 

Anyway, I was given a form to complete just like an exit interview.  I always asked people around if they will put in their true opinion about the work when doing with exit interview, but for me, I wrote down the truth and nother but the truth!  I spoke to my boss about it, and now informed HR officially on this matter, but most I like is the question "what can we do to prevent you from leaving"?

Now, as all wage earners, what would you write for this question if you are doing an exit interview.  For my answer was just straight forward - Nothing can be done to prevent me from leaving as I got a better offer!

I like to know, from you my dear readers, will you tell the truth of what you feel when  you resign?  or will you just brush it off since you already leaving?

Frankly speaking, I have never felt so happy after tender a resignation ever since I started working!!  My previous jobs were all landed in tears when I tender but not this.. Nevertheless, I still work till the last day of my work I suppose to, and have listed all handing over matters so I will not be questioned again after I leave.  


  1. Waahhh! I can feel how happy you are! :D
    So far I only left one company, and the feeling I think was the same like yours. Hahahaha..
    And the best thing about your new job -- nearer to where you stay! :) Happy for you, Cynthia! Go and have a good spa!

  2. LOL .. yes that one is the golden question..
    if they are sincere they should think about the whole package ..eg. promotion, higher salary & etc & etc..
    best of luck & all the best to you new job..

  3. All the best to your new job, Cyn...

  4. Change is always constant, all the beast for your future undertaking.

  5. I've never written any exit interview before. I guess my previous employers are too happy to get rid of me! :(

  6. Cynthia, wish you all the best in the new job later. That is a very good question to ask. Is it good to tell the truth and it is good too if to remain and do not have to tell the truth. We wouldn't know what will happen next and maybe we could meet up the same matter and same people too. I guess we resign to have a better offer, I'm sure the company would not ask for more as well. hahaha.

  7. I would tell the truth as this is the purpose of the exit interview. the truth might not be very helpful to me, but it will help some of my ex colleagues who are still working there.


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