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Monday, October 1, 2012

What?! It's October already?

Today marked the first day of the last quarter of 2012, and it's always in the 'festive' mood from now on.  We have so many holidays coming up, and mood at work is also 'live up' looking forward for the celebrations!  

What do you have plan for the last quarter?  Have you able to tick off 3 quarter of your 2012 resolutions?  For me, I simply don't plan, and don't put reso.  I just live with it at times come.  For the last 3 quarters, I have managed to close the BIG chapter of my life, which I am very happy about it.

Now, entering the last quarter, and with the recent announcement of the 2013 budget when touched on the topic of BONUS, who most of us will be looking forward too! LOL!  I hope not just the public sector has the 1 month bonus, the private sector will be able to announce better ones too!  If not, how are we going to pay the public servant bonus wor.. :p

This quarter will be busy preparing my girl's education programme.  We will be going to make the payment to register her for her school, and also prepare her mentally and emotionally for that.  She will be bidding her friends farewell (guess no one from her current childcare will attend the same kindergarden) and hopefully she is able to cope.

We have planned for the year end (Christmas week) and heading up to Genting to support a friend on her final competition in ASTRO.  We will also be taking the week off since the centre will close and the week will be use to prepare for any last minutes stuff before the school starts.

I will need to do proper planning if I want to gain some income doing Christmas baking (nothing but my always favourite chocolate chip cookies)!  The mooncake sales did not materialise as I don't think I got sufficient energy to bake!  Even till today, I am still baking and baking and baking... :p

So, that's for the final quarter, and welcome 2013 with a BANG soon!!

How about you?


  1. Looks like you have a lot to do but I am sure you will get everything sort out. I can't believe it last quarter of 2012 already. Time flies and with a blink of the eye, 2013 will be here. For me, no resolution, no plans. Just live each day like it is my last:D

  2. i wanna make my own budget 2013 too~ time to plan for more :)

    Latest: Little Tiramisu Dream

  3. Time really flies. It will be a busy month for me as my brother wedding is coming in 2 weeks. I have a plan to JB and Sg this coming dec. Hope can realize it.

  4. Time files without you knowing it. It close to 2013 CNY already.

  5. When I was still in the corporate world, I looked forward to the year end coz there's bonus and salary increment and year-end lunches and dinners! Now, only look forward to school holidays haha!

  6. well we have to look forward and think positive..
    cherish with all your love ones...

  7. I think I can relax my mind only after my girls finish their exam. I seems like more tension than them. Many things are in my mind too, their year end concert, school holiday activities and etc.

  8. I foresee I'll be very busy, entering this last quarter of the year :`(

  9. Me too..busy saving funds to settle end yr debts..

  10. It'd been a challenging year for me too but have accomplished and grow alot! Now i'm looking for chinese primary to have Jasper enroll in (yea i know i am so kiasu!) and also looking forward to all the celebrations!!!!

  11. Yes, the last quarter of the year will be busy for me too..thinking of it nothing much has accomplished except getting a year older..hahhaa.

    Our girls have just finished their exam yesterday, I feel more relax instead. Soon will be school holiday, Christmas and Chinese New Year. Time flies.


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