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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yes or Ya?

How do you normally you these 2 words?  

I hate the word 'ya' and I dislike people answering me 'ya'!  I find it rude that way... what ya ya ya... use YES!

This is my plain opinion which I find people saying 'ya' is very annoying.  I also have the perception of using ya means you are not very firm and confident.  I usually will tell people "YES" in any questions ask.  I find the English language currently in Malaysia has been so mixed up, that people started to using the ya ya word every time they try to say YES.

This does not spare my girl, who is only 3 years old.  I told her straight that if she doesn't answer me with proper YES and NO, I don't entertain her request.  Not even nodding her head or shake her head.  Now, does I sound like a military trained person? 

Well, I don't know, but I really don't enjoy being answer with YA especially during FORMAL conversation. *period*


  1. ya sounds uncertain, but yes is very firm. that's why when im doubtful towards something, i will say 'yaaaaa'.. a lengthened ya, lols

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  2. Opps you gonna dislike me cause I use ya quite alot, haha!

  3. I normally say Ok, not ya and not yes, but I think you are right in teaching your girl proper English.

  4. I use both at all times. When I'm having doubt or not concentrating, I will give a ya...

  5. I dun like my kids to nod their head when I need an answer too. But i uses both 'ya' and 'yes' haha..... used to it already.

  6. "Yes" sounds better / more polite but being Malaysian, we (me inclusive) tend to say ya too most of the time ;P

  7. Hahhahah...'ya' when is doubtful..but I use quite often too.

  8. Frankly, I couldn't remember, did I say yes or ya? Next I must pay more attention when I speak.


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