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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another chapter should close NOW

This chapter of mine, which created a huge difference with my point of view, lifestyle, behavior and so forth will need to come to an end.  I actually officially closed it on 1st November 2012 but only now got the time to pen it down.

If you look at my blog pages, you see a tab on My Story.  This tab was open with link to my other Rant & Secret blog, which reader has a chance to read my 'wonderful' journey and explained why am I a single mother.  I have now privatize this blog and will only those with permission is allow to access and read the blog posts there.

I find that it's time to put a stop on this topic, and since the job of collecting all my money has been completed, guess closing all the access will be nice and fair to the other party too.  I was trying to make 1st November 2012 a brand new start, with a brand new job and a closure of this past history. 

I did not regret moving on this path, which now my life is more fruitful and something to make me move on, and glad it's coming to an official end!

Now that the Rant & Secret blog will be my place to vent all my anger, disappointment and so forth... which like recently I did for my previous work experience.. heheh... 


  1. All the best to your future and may 2013 be the greatest yet to come!

  2. I have read your story before. You are a strong and brave woman. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for braving your journey through the seas of difficulties. I'm sure the days ahead will be bright and wonderful for you and your princess!

  3. Yes, let bygone be bygone now. I'm glad that you manage to put everything behind. You are a tough one and deep down I admire your courage.

    All the best to you :)

  4. All the best in your future and I"m sure all good things are coming your way!

  5. Glad that your unhappy pass has now come to an end! All the best to a brand new chapter! :)


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