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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Book Review: Beautiful, Magical, Amazing BALLET (A Mia Book)

I was given a chance to review a children book yesterday by I'm a full time mummy, and she emailed the PDF version of the book to me.  Back home, I quickly opened the book and read to my little Princess.  For my girl who has not really into books, this is an introductory book to her.  I read it to her, and show her the pictures in the book (big and colourful)  and the sentences are just short and simple.  For my girl who is not a  book person, it's good so she don't get distracted much, and it took us about 10 minutes to finish 'reading' the book.

Mary Lee keep the book in very simple format, and illustrated a girl's dream of learning and becoming a ballerina, and that journey to be one is not smooth.  Of course it's good to tell children that falling is not a big hurdle for them to be successful.  If they continue trying, they will then be able to make their dream come true!

I like the descriptions use in the book too!  It involved ice-cream and even elephant!  This is a very interesting book, and it has a series to it!

The book summary from Amazon:-

Mia is a sweet little girl with a big imagination. Today is her first day of ballet class and she is very excited. This energetic story shows what it means to be part of a team and that some things can still be wonderful even when they are not yet perfected.

The Biography of the Author

I am a writer, illustrator, graphic designer and a mom. I've lived in various places across the country but currently my heart is in the Bay Area. I have two sweet children, two dogs and a mini-cactus named spike. In my free time (ha ha ha), I like to read books, jog slowly, cook badly and sleep rarely.

I did not received any monetary compensation for this review, a copy of the book is provided to me for my review. This is solely my own opinions and should you consider buying this, please do further research. You may have a different views from me.


  1. A very nice book for your sweet little girl. BBW has a lot more toddler books to offer. I've been anticipating for my trip there.

  2. Agreed with you that this is nice book to read especially for girls :)


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