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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bring Some Holiday Cheer Into Your Home With Kleenex® Share The Softness Festive Packs!

THIS IS A STICKY POST!  Please scroll down for newer posts as I want to leave this till 15th November!  Thank you!

It's time for the year end celebration again!!!  These final 2 months of 2012 are always fill with many many celebrations, and most importantly, yours truly Birthday will fall under the November month.  I have got one giveaway last month,  and this month another one in conjunction with my big Day!!  This day will marked the mid of my 30s... (oops, did I just leaked out how old am I)?

How to join Cynful Pleasure Giveaway?

1)  Create a heartwarming entry sharing a special moment with your love ones.  You may even do a wordless post with just photos with your love ones.  If you do not have a blog, you may leave comment in Cynful Pleasure FB page, or the comment below too!
2)  Link my giveaway URL in  your blog post
3)  Copy and paste your URL of your entry at the comment space below
4)  Follow Cynful Pleasure blog, and Like Cynful Pleasure FB Page

Since this will be one giveaway in conjunction with my big day, you need to send in your entry by 15th November 2012 GMT 00:00.  I will pick the random winner on my birthday morning after eating my red egg and mee suah soup!

That's not all, as this Giveaway is fully sponsored by Kleenex, each entry you enter here, Kleenex is also proud to pledge RM10 for Make a Wish Malaysia, an NGO who grants wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions to inspire hope, strength & joy.

I am going to pick 5 lucky winners and will be given the followings:-

Shopping vouchers
Kleenex Festive Box Packs
Kleenex Hand & Face Moist Wipes
Kleenex Hand Sanitizing Moist Wipes
Kleenex 3-ply UltraSoft Pocket Packs
Kleenex Vintage SoftPacks
Kllenex Vintage Pocket Packs
Kleenex Vintage Value Packs

Below are the pictures of the prizes above.  Prizes will consist a mix of individual packs which I will decide what to send to the winners later.

Good Luck to all of you!! and I hope to get more entries so those young children will have more funds! and fun!!  Isn't that good to not just have chance to win some prizes, but also to help others?


  1. Cynthia, here is my entry for your giveaway :

    Wish me good luck...yeah...!!

  2. http://crazying-eriol.blogspot.com/2012/11/bring-some-holiday-cheer-into-your-home.html
    here is my entry
    btw happy birthday ya~

  3. http://devil2teng.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-mother-nourishes-my-lifewith-love.html

  4. Cynthia, here is my entry.

  5. Hello Cyn.. here is my entry..


  6. Hope you can come by here to have a chance too.. thanks!


    1. ok.. I done that.. :D Thanks.. hope I win!

  7. A story to share:

  8. Here's my entry:

  9. Happy birthday to you! Sorry just read this post, so I am not in time for the contest. But never mind, some other day! And good luck to the other contestants!


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