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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kleenex Share the Softness Contest Giveaway - By Mummy Moon

Mummy Moon has the same contest this month, and since it's for the charity, I am going to post another story of mine!  

When my child was born, beside it was a disaster to me emotionally and physically, I was lost!  I agreed that nothing can be worked out if not for my family and relatives support!  In addition to it, my ex-boss (who now my friend and care-cell member) has given a great help too!  Way before the birth of my girl, she has taken great care of me during that period.  I cried so much thinking of me being so helpless, but she one God Send angel has given me lots of great motivation.

Not just emotionally, financially she has also given much support.  From my maternity dresses / clothing (yes, all hand me down from her), to boiling me bird nest soup and other nutritious soups for my consumption.  At one point, she even asked me to take leave and asked another colleague to accompany me to Melaka to 'ask' what that man want to do!  

She is like a big sister to us in the office.  Beside being personal, she is also given much guidance in settling all the 'trouble' and 'mistakes' we received in work.  She will let us have the free hand to do things, and approach her when we are at the dead end or junction.  She always gives us the best advise on things we need to be sorted out.

She allows me to take 2 years off my work!! Can you tell me where on earth a boss allow a staff to go on NPL for 2 years?  and she was concerned on how of myself progressing.  She offered me to return to work on Part time basis and even introduced me to Princess current childcare centre so that I am able to work.  My work hours were also adjusted to suit my need to care for Princess!

Later, when I decided to resign and move on with a better offer, she was willing to negotiate but knowing the situation well, I turned the offer down but she was still as accepting as it is and respecting my decision to leave for good!  She will call me if she is cooking nice nice food for lunch, and I can pop in for that!  Even after departing from the office, we keep in touch and in good relationship!

In addition, she is 'in love' with Princess!!  She really adores her to the max that most of Princess pretty clothing are from her.  Whenever she travels, she remembered my girl well, that she will buy gifts for her!  My Princess has a Bear-like bag which caught most people attention when she took it out for her jalan-jalan and that all the way from Australia brought by her!

When she recently bring Chris into my life, she also gave me a 'pink' pocket bible (which now being kept in the car for easy access)!  She is so thoughtful that even today, the carecell is organizing a gathering trip, and she has been contributing so much of her time and money too!!   Where on earth you can find this kind angel!?

She is such a giver, and may she be bless with many many positive returns, and also bless her with healthy body!

I am submitting this tribute of acknowledgement to Mummy Moon's contest which you can find HERE!

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