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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Learn To Buy Auction Properties in Malaysia

It's no more a secret for everyone to know that I'm constantly on the search of a property to buy, preferable near my current house.  After searching high and low, guess the ones that I can really afford is to buy those 'bank lelong' which also known as Auction properties as pricing will be much lower than the market.

Guess the number I have called whenever I saw advertisement placing on those tree trunks, which caught my eyes so much but each time it will ended with much more disappointment and feeling far to even touch 1 reasonable property!!  I've talked to so many agents, and the procedure seems to be like a learning process for me in order to own a home.

I guess the property pricing near my house is shooting up due to all the convenient roads leading out the place, and with some 'toll free' access that we can around the neighborhood.  A new condo can easily cost me RM500K for a tiny ones!! Those older development at least going for RM300K!!  Not to mentioned the  landed properties!!!  I regretted so much now that I didn't make up my mind during my younger days to invest into property!

Despite working in a property development firm previously, those knowledge I gained is still very shallow to buy a property though the auction process!!  Guess it's way easier buying from the developer, and again, $$ is the factor!!  I am thinking that I should just put this in my wishlist and wait for Santa to drop me the $$ la... in order for me to own 1 decent property for both myself and princess!  I am so looking forward for the day we can have a place of our own!

After searching and searching, I finally came across this webpage, which has so many options I can have, and even just viewing the first page, it's got me so addicted!

It's has 5593 condominiums for auction!!  It's not inclusive of others!!
Then when I first scroll.. I saw the property I wanted!

And it's at least 70K below market rate!!!

A step ahead, when I click more info..

I got all the info I wanted, and even the person to call!!

See, that's what I say it's meant for lazy people like me!! So much useful and less hassle!

If you want to find a property, do consider this website!


  1. Hmm..not for me. The property in KL is so expensive.

  2. No property to sell, no money to buy... SIGH!!!!

  3. If got property to buy or sell, really can consider this site... If got, but I don't have.. hmm..

  4. This is very useful information. Thanks for sharing. Nowadays properties are so expensive.


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