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Thursday, November 1, 2012

My 1st Day at Work

1st November 2012 marked the first day I worked in the new office, and also the first day I worked outside the Golden Triangle after spending so much of my working life there.  In a total of approximately 12 years out of my 18 years of working, it's all spend in the Golden Triangle!!

All overall, I am very happy with the working environment and with the new manager.  My immediate manager is a very organize person, which make work in the environment very neat and clear.  I was given all necessary employment issues explanations, and was briefed with all the IT stuff in the morning.

Of course, the setbacks are minor ones such as there is insufficient parking space here, therefore I won't be able to get a monthly seasons, and will have to in waiting list.  I will have to folk out daily parking fees to pay.  Yesterday was RM9.00 which will still be cheaper comparing to Golden Triangle.

I got to work from the mall to the office block, which good since I always lack of exercise but not good if I am walking with heels!  So, I decided to bring a pair of sandals in the office for the use of all the walking needs.  Will just leave my pair of heels at work, or carrying it to and fro to the car each day.

I hope I can be able to survive long in the Company, and able to venture higher in the team.  So far, I am enjoying it and guess next week will be busy once I start to take in more responsibilities.


  1. All the best in your new workplace, Cynthia ^.^

  2. Glad to know that you are setting down in the new workplace. All the best Cynthia!

  3. no more hectic jams for work? :) hope you like the new environment!

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  4. Good, no need to suffer for heavy traffic to city center anymore. All the best.

  5. I remember getting a bun and then spend my time in Carrefour or Jusco to get all my groceries. I remember my good dose of exercise from North-South and then back to North during my pregnancy. No wonder Bryan came out so quickly and easily. Loved it there. Dont need to sit at the desk all day. Lunch time 30 mins makan & 30 mins walk does wonders!! Enjoy and all the best in your new job.


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