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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My daily lunch

As I mentioned earlier, that I try to reduce my lunch intake and try not to touch dinner portion and just be the DBKL for my princess.  I'm doing this as my weight has not decrease but INCREASING!!!  So, I needed to at least maintain the current situation, of course BEST if I can reduce it la...

My electrical lunch box has been a good companion for my lunch hour nowadays, and while working in this new place, I get access to 'cheaper' raw food therefore much better lunch is prepared.  I avoided rice, therefore you see my lunch menu is no rice element.  All food below is steam ONLY!

Sawi with Cod Fish, and Scallop

Steam Cod with Scallop, Egg Tofu and mushroom

Steam chicken with ginger, broccoli and prawns

Kailan, mushroom and scallop

Brocolli, scallop, mushroom and steam egg
This is so for the last 2 weeks, and you noticed the dishes are repeating?  Coz when I buy 1 of those packet veg and whatever.. it will last me at least 2 to 3 days... so, that's explain I'm eating almost the same stuff each day.


  1. Wah...yummyyyy!!! So healthy. I also like to steam my food. Ur scallop are big, where did you get them?

  2. Health wor....but have to prepare early in the morning so that you can bring to work?

  3. Wahhhh.......i like the cod fish with scallop. Must be very very sweet! Oh, I noticed you like mushroom very much :) Very healthy.

  4. Wow!!! Everything looks real good!!!! No wonder your weight is increasing! LOL!!!

  5. So healthy!
    I think with exercise, you will lose weight faster ;)

  6. You tempt me with your lunch everyday on FB!

  7. Very healthy, I like all the meal! Can you send it to my house please.

  8. I wish I could have such a lovely lunch like you do everyday

  9. very same like u...buy a lot. then eat the same thing everyday.ahhahahah. Healthy wat

  10. The dishes look very yummy.Esp cod fish n scallops. Yumz!

  11. Yes, where are your scallops from???? I want!!! Your food looks good!!! I love it!

    1. Do you eat rice & noodles? Do try cutting off rice, noodles, white bread and desserts from your diet. You will surely see your weight drop. And keep dinner the lightest meal of the day ;)

  12. Oh, gosh. Now I'm drooling... These are yummy!!

  13. This is cool! Very fong bin for working ladies who want to have homecook lunch during lunch.


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