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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you JobStreet

I just tick on the unsubscribe updates of available vacancies from JobStreet this morning.  Over the last 6 months since I decided it's time to make a move from my previous Company, I have applied many many positions, mainly (most) in Mid Valley region.

My wish is to settle around this area therefore I will spend less time in traffic, and with all the apply and send buttons clicked, and PTL for his agreement on this, I finally now got into the dream place, and waiting to make it a dream job!

I don't think I need JobStreet at the moment, therefore no point mess up my mailbox and give way for others.  I am glad that JobStreet, giving such a good access to jobseekers! and employers too!  Have you not got your dream job, or dream location, maybe start using this since they will update you with daily job vacancies available, and you can then do it at your own reading.

Now that the chapter of work is closed, I am going to closed another chapter of my life tomorrow.

All the best job seekers!! and again, Thank you JobStreet!  


  1. oh yes my previous job also seek from Jobstreet keke

  2. A good portal for job hunter...I'm under job hunting mood now. Hope I can land a job at ipoh soon!

  3. Jobstreet is definately the best for job hunter!


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