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Monday, November 19, 2012

The McD Freebies today!

Guess you heard of the Free Egg McMuffin this morning giving out at McD all outlets?  It's stated that they will be giving out 1000 Egg McMuffin with NO Purchase required!  

I usually pump petrol on a weekend, cause I want to enjoy additional 5% cashback if I pump in weekends, but last week, it totally slipped my mind and I only realised I didn't get out of the house yesterday to do that. So, with no choice since petrol left 1 bar, I got to do it than risking having insufficient petrol to work.

I thought it was cute last night when I was on the FB, this picture pop up in my news feed..

But this morning, when I am in the petrol station (which also has a McD), it was madness!  Cars were just simply cincai park, and blocking the entrances, the queue for the drive thru counter was equally bad.  And you have drivers who seems to rush to don't know where blocking each and everyone's way!  

After I finish pumping my petrol, I took a photo of the queue!  And it took me 3 shots to finish photo the queing line..

Did you queue this morning too?


  1. Hahahah! Such a long Q!! Nop, I didn't Q.. :P

  2. Good grief!!! And it was raining heavily too!!! Gee! Like they have never eaten before. Worse than beggars! And in the meantime, they will ask you to buy their hash browns...their 100% Arabica coffee etc...etc...etc... (I saw on Facebook) They're not stupid, not like the people standing in line in the heavy rain.

  3. Yaya...I saw a long long queue too when I passed by McD this morning.

  4. lol .....
    I did not... but it is fun to join the crowd :)

  5. I would never queue. But then, I don't think my area McD was that crowded. We have 3 McD in such a small town.

  6. I got the media invite still I tak pergi! Sleep more important :P

  7. LOL. I did not and never intend to. The queue is so long, and I'm gonna late for work if I do.


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