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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Book Review: Not Just a Princess (A Mia Book)

I reviewed one book in the Mia Book series earlier, and got another one last night to read!  This time, the picture in front got my princess laughing as she thinks it's funny for a girl with the pirate 'costume'!  She remembered she had one too when we were at one Disney event months back.  

Last night, was reading to her again, and Mia caught her attention of having fun in the playground, and having her dreams so 'big'!  This book illustrated how a girl can dream on her dream, and not just wanting to be a princess.  She find it better thrilled to be something else and she tried her very best to achieve it!

This book is great, simple to understand, and big pictures illustration!  It tells us that everyone can have their dream, and not stereotype to just one!  Mia did not want to be princess that morning, and she wanted to do something else!  Her mom is very encouraging telling her that she will still be her most love whatever she does!  

A book great to be read!

Mary has got this book dedicated to her Mia! How sweet... 

Thanks again to I'm a full time mummy

I did not received any monetary compensation for this review, a copy of the book is provided to me for my review. This is solely my own opinions and should you consider buying this, please do further research. You may have a different views from me.


  1. Haha.....princess become pirate? That's cute!!

    Sorry, Cynthia. I mistakenly delete ur comment. . .
    Sorry :( not on purpose ya...

  2. Makes me think of my girl - not just a princess, much more than that! :)

  3. Pirate princess, this is so cool.

  4. Wow another book review~

    I hardly read, but guess I should be doing it now since I have a son.. hehe...

  5. What's so nice being a princess, no freedom, it is thrilled to be something else, maybe a pirate? haha, no no i don't mean it's better being a bad guy...


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