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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Company Teambuilding - My version

Last week, there were a number of FIRST in my life as a mother.  

First 1st, I left my princess with my cousin and she was not with me for more than 24 hours.  My team building event was in Klana Resort, Seremban and I decided not to bring her along as I don't know how the situation be.  I kind of regret that I didn't bring her since I know she love swimming so much!  

Second 1st, the meeting with the rest of team from Singapore and Hong Kong and get to know who is who.

Third 1st, A company that has a great event!  and I'm in it!  It's been a long while that I didn't have a team building event.

Forth 1st, Doing the wall repelling and flying fox!


However, I freak out during the flying fox!! It took me a while to climb up the 'stairs' vertically to reach the station.  Upon there, I was told to rest before I 'fly' and I made a big mistake for looking down!!!  I was stuck!! It freak me out, and I can feel even my shoes were loosen!!  I had a very fast heartbeat that I was so worry that I may just faint half way flying.  And NO WAY I'm getting down beside doing the fly!!!  I was no where near heaven at that moment.

I was worried.. I suddenly thought of my girl.  I starting thinking on my KWSP, my insurance, and whatsoever.. will that all enough for my girl to survive!?  Will my girl be taken care of by my mum? my brother? or anyone else?  I cried not knowing the facts of all these!  I regretted doing that when up at the station.

I prayed.. I let GOD know I'm bad, but I hope HE did not decide to take me back to him at that moment.  And with my colleagues cheering there, asking me to just close my eyes and fly! I DID!! with a huge scream all the way!!!!!!

Now, if anyone were to pay me for doing that, I don't think SO!!!  I guess I no longer so 'courage and strong' to do those high risk activities! haiz... 

Nevertheless, I'm happy I'm there to know the team, the have some fun, but sad to leave my girl behind... 


  1. :)we become a coward when come to our own safety is at risk after being a mother.

  2. yes when we get older we tend to be timid..
    is becoz of thinking of all the responsibility..
    like when i was in a plane.. a small turbulence make me scare.. well it is natural..
    seems you had a good start in your new company...

  3. I'm never good with anything with height...I'll probably feel sick even before I got up there lor..The older I get, the worst I am with any adventurous stuff..

  4. I feel you Cyn. Eversince being a mother, I think twice before jumping into some extreme activities...

    I'm so proud of you for braving your fear and made it through!

  5. Nice team building event you had. I always enjoy them
    Team Building Adelaide


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