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Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of World? You must be kidding...

How many of us have heard on the 'say' of world ending tomorrow?  I am one that I couldn't really be bothered about it.. For me, if it really does, then be it.. one day we just have to go (and we now have many friends go together).. but if it don't, it will just be another day that I've lived life fullest!

I've made plans beyond tomorrow... I got lunch date on Saturday (22nd), I got trip to Genting on 23rd and 24th, I've bought all the new stuff for Princess starting her new kindergarden in 2013!  I've even now brainwashing this girl of mine to get her all ready!

Not just that, I'm welcoming 2013, and hope next year, I get to enjoy a 'portion' of the Company bonus and salary review, so in 2014, I'll be able to bring my Princess on the PLANE!!! Yes, if my bonus is good next year, we will surely go beyond Cuti Cuti Malaysia... hehehe...

I've got orders come next year Chinese New Year, and even then, I still got 3 cakes to be deliver to my customers after tomorrow!  Well, if tomorrow come to end, then all the efforts will also come to an end.. if not, then, my day after the end of world, will be even BETTER!

So, you plan any stuff beyond tomorrow yet?


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  2. yes.. celebrating post end of world n doomsday with a pre-christmas lunch with good friends :D blog owner n princess included!

  3. of course, we will be having a christmas gathering this sun!

  4. Of course! My brother will be coming back from Sg, and we are going to have a Christmas together. There is a lot of things that I want to do with my Kenji boy, so the world cannot end tomorrow :p

  5. IF toomorrow is the end of the world, I want to eat a big bowl of Tong Yuen. Hahahahah!

  6. Aiyoo..tomolo I will be heading to the up north to meet Claire wor.ahaahhahahh

  7. 问心无愧,天塌地陷,我都不怕。。。I remember of telling my friends last year about the so called end of the world,didn't know it would be soon..hahahahahah

    anyway,what is that to be afraid of,like Marvell says,if tomorrow is the end of the world,he will be happy to see Jesus earlier,,,,

  8. I'm glad that The Mayans were wrong! I'm not ready to die yet! Got tons of things planned for my family and career! So happy to be alive! :)

  9. nah, i really don't believe that dec 21 will be the end of the world. i'm not ready to die! :)


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