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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My comfort food... and it's now Princess too!


I always love Ketchup, and from young as a kid, I eat Ketchup like no tomorrow!  I add it into anything I eat  and I specially love it with my Maggi instant noodles (those with chicken flavour)!!  I like the sourish taste, and just love how it enhance the taste of my food!

Last week, I was a little stress out due to work, and I was in need of some comfort!  So, I went and look into my freezer, took out a pack of sausage, fries and opened a can of luncheon meat!  I did all the frying using my air-fryer (and after seeing the oil at the pan, I felt less guilty), and I dipped into a thick ketchup layer!!!  I practically using the food to eat with Ketchup!!!  ok, now you can call me MAD!

Then, in the last 2 weeks, my girl sees something red, she would assume it's Ketchup, and she will want to dip her food into it too till I tell her sometimes it's chilly sauce and not ketchup!  We were both dipping into the ketchup so happily, that we also took a quarter of the ketchup!  OMG!!!  We both even create so much giggle while dipping and dipping.. it's like 1 dip for you, 1 dip for me!!  and we go hahahaha... laugh!

Oh, not just that! I even fried eggs to be eaten with ketchup!  So, since my love with Maggi Ketchup, I want to submit this entry for the Maggi contest!  Who knows I win some Ketchup for my own consumption! 

How about you? what's your comfort food??


  1. Can't think of any...any food is to me comforting! LOL!!!

  2. Me on the other hand seldom take ketchup unless it is cooked... i prefer to eat them "original" taste!

  3. I hope you'll win lots and lots of ketchup so you and princess can 'bathe' in it! :D I love to have ketchup with fried eggs :)

  4. OMG! I finally met someone who loves ketchup as much as I do!

    My hubb says I have kiddo's taste bud because I like everything in ketchup. Yes, he called me crazy once. Hahaha! My son now shares the liking with me, but my daughter doesn't fancy ketchup :)


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