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Monday, December 10, 2012

One month!

I am officially joined the current company over a month, and how significant is the 'future' is yet to be seen, but work is getting busier day by day.  Before anything could start, after a month of working here, followings are what observed:-

1)  Petrol usage is 40% lesser than previous.  My benchmark of petrol is always on the weekend when I do my weekly full tank pump.  Previously, I have to at least pump 30 liters of petrol, but now, sometimes is less than 20 liters and it's sufficient to last till the next pump.  I always pump petrol over the weekend as I enjoyed 5% rebate.

2)  Both of us get extra 20 minutes of sleep!  We used to get up at 6.40am, and rush like mad to get out of the house by 7.30am! Now, we can sleep till 7am, and still have time to cut fruits and pack lunch boxes and leave the house at 8am!

3)  Less cranky princess!  Since she could sleep longer, she woke up happy and smiling and even willing to pack her own bag!  She will request for cut-out bread and other stuff to bring to school!

4)  Travel time.  I spend less on the road, and we got to spend more time for dinner now!  Since I don't need to travel with my mum, I picked Princess from childcare and we go dinner together, or we just go jalan-jalan.  We have more time together now comparing we used to rush home with my mum as she got her classes after work.

5)  I spend less on lunch!  I now do my own lunch boxes, as you can see.  That's coz I got ample time at home to prepare and get Princess to involve in the preparation.  She will help to do some work while I prepare those lunch boxes.

6)  We sleep earlier!  As we had earlier dinner, we now head to bed in less a full tummy therefore we snooze off easily!  

7)  We have less office politics, and if I got nothing much to do, all I need is just keep quiet doing my blog, my FB and even done a photobook!  see, nobody bothers what you do here as long as work done!  

Now, the bad part?  THE PARKING!!  Mid Valley has 500++ names waiting to be allocated with the seasons parking, and I got to pay cash EACH DAY just to park here!!!  So far, that's all I can say!!


  1. I like your point #7, nobody bothers you as long as work is done. That's what I like.

  2. Sounds like the pros > cons. Good JOB! :P Pun intended :D

  3. I love ur life.:)
    It's the life everyone dreams of.

  4. I love ur life.:)
    It's the life everyone dreams of.


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