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Friday, January 11, 2013

11th day...

We have a few exchange of Whatapps with my carecell members last night since I missed the last gathering, and they were saying that they missed me.. LOL!  So, I told them to keep me in their prayer, pray that Princess will be able to listen and be good in the morning.  Pray that she is not throwing her tantrums when entering her class, and be willing to learn.  Pray that the teacher(s) are able to give her the chemistry to 'lead' her into the classroom.  And this morning, PTL! The 'miracle' just happened!  

We slept late last night, as Thursday is now a mission day.. I've got to go collect fruits which I bought in bulk with others and enjoying the great discount!! Just like last night, I bought kiwis (both green and yellow) for only RM4 and RM7 respectively!  Mind you, it's the Zepri brand too!!

On top of that, those mini oranges was only RM1.50 per packet, and it's really sweet!! This morning, despite we have late sleep (about 10.30pm) we still managed to pack fruits for work and school!! So, the day started just so right.  Then when we enter the school, Princess just walked and no fuss.. no shiver... when she enter her class, her teacher just hugged her, and she turned and waved bye bye, give me a hug, and a peck!  She even shakes my hand!!!!!Oh, I'm one happy mummy that walked out of the school smiling ear to ear!!

Hey, many people may not think it's great, but for me, I've learned to 'appreciate' small tiny things that happened!  Someone who once asked me how did I deal with my life after becoming a single mom, I told this person that I'm looking into smaller things nowadays.. all small positive vibes are GOOD!!!  See, even now at work, every meeting that I manage to secure is a happy news to me!!  

Oh, now.. I hope that since it's Friday (means it took me from Monday to Thursday), and the 'happy mode' of Princess will last from today onwards... Monday blues please don't go near her!

Wishing everyone...



  1. I suggest you reward Princess today for her "no cry" school day. Just a small sticker or a small thing that she likes. Happy Weekend to you.

  2. Same to you and Princess, have a great weekend ahead.

  3. yay good to hear that..
    as i say that it only matters of time.
    give some time to your princess and she will be independent..

  4. Have a wonderful weekend, Cyn. Each time I have a few mins to spare, I just want to lie down and have a short nap..How I wish that.

  5. Happy Saturday and hv a nice weekend..

  6. Hope you had a good weekend. Yes, you are right, the kiwis are cheap!


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