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Thursday, January 10, 2013

1st 10 days of 2013

My work has started piling as we have 3 programs running almost at the same time, and my job is to secure all interviews for the consultants to meet the people.  Not all are welcoming of course, and at different schedule, we also have tough time ahead.  I have a number of 'targets' to reach for these programs! 

In addition, Princess is not going well in school.  Each morning she will start her 'whining' process as and when we arrived in school!  We have all talks and brainwashing session prior to that, but each day in the morning, she just can't conquer her fear to enter class.  The assistant teacher has commented that she very 'deh pau' or manja, as she will walk all the way to class but suddenly when I was about to leave, she will cling like a koala bear to me! 

I know she will be all ok when I stepped out of the school, but it is not very healthy for her to 'cry' like this in the morning right?  Why can't she just enter school as happy as like she was attending her playschool previously?  She has her 'bad' day in her playschool, but I don't see the 'shiver' feeling in her as what she display now.  I really hope that this is a phase, and should it never end by next week, think I really got to look into this!

I've schedule and booked a trip to Cameron Highland on 28th January 2013, and this will be our first jalan-jalan trip for 2013.  I hope I can bring Princess to more local trips this year, and she will have more exposure.  

I'm planning to start taking orders for the chocolate chip cookies, but yet to really get all full swing looking that the situation that I need to get to bed by 9pm as I want to make sure Princess got 'ALL' her required time to sleep so less cranky morning.  I hope I can really make some this year!  

That's for all in the first 10 days.. hopefully the rest of 355 days this year will be GOOD... or at least 'SMOOTH'... 


  1. Perhaps, you can take a day off, returning to her school to check on her again. Don't let her and her teacher know. This so called spot check

  2. look like a very busy start of year 2013 ..
    Well I am sure you could manage well on your work..
    as for your princess .. it is matter of time she get use to the environment..

  3. Your girl sounds like my girl lah ...hahaha..
    Am a bit late but happy new year :) May your wishes come true in 2013.

  4. It seem you are having a busy days in 2013.

  5. Looks like you have a very busy start for 2013. I just got back and adjusting myself back with my usual busy schedule. Just be patience with her. I bet she will love her new school and new friends very soon.

  6. Came across your blog by chance. Great one. Keep it up!


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