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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A final photo with the trophy and the person

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!  It's all the CGM Competition earlier, and during Christmas, my dear friend brought the winning trophy and we could snap a photo with it!!! In our own private comfort place! hahaha...

Let me share you the photo we took that day

On top of that, I've been supporting my dear friend by purchasing the DVD that was released by ASTRO featuring all the 8 competitors, and I got a few of her SIGNED posters too!  Not just that, I spend another RM12++ to purchase a magazine which I don't think I will buy if not it was featuring my dear friend!  So, for the 5 pages of the interviews and write up, I bought 风采 first time in my life.. I usually only read this magazine when I'm in the hair saloon!!

I'm all happy for this friend of mine, and I hope her personal album will be out soon.  I don't think I'm interested in those 'repeated' famous songs, but more some songs that my friend can handle well!  Best, if ASTRO and Southern Records can 'produce' some nice songs for her to sing and included in the Album!!  I think those songs she sang in the competition were good to be recorded too!

I wish her all the best in her 'singing' journey!  So, anyone want a signed Album or posters?  LOL!


  1. congratulation to her..
    hope that she will do well in the music industry

  2. Congratulations to your friend.. her voice must be powerful..

  3. Nice pic. Ooooo...your Princess all grown up now, so very pretty!!!

  4. I want to buy that Feminine magazine too. She is indeed good, best vocal of all.

  5. I don't know her lah,,,, but she must be glad to have such a supportive friend like you


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