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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cry.. Cry.. Cry...

OMG! It's been the 12th day of school, and the crying episode only stop for 1 day on 11th January (8th day)!!  I am getting very impatient with her whine and cry, on top of that it's getting from bad to worse!  I've tried all sorts of ways to coax her into the school.

I've got nice and soft with her, telling her to be good, and she will be rewarded with going out to eat and getting a toy less than RM10.

I've try ignoring her when picking her up from her school in the evening if she cry

I've try getting my brother to pick her instead of myself, just to let her know if she cry, she won't be rewarded to go out

I've gave her all sorts of new stuff to start her good...

But all to no result!!!  And worse, the cry and whine starts the moment she was on her uniform!!!!  She complained her uniform is tight (which is not true).  Well, I can say it's a bit not 'friendly' as it's like a pinafore over a white shirt, and for one who so vain, she finds it unacceptable when her white shirt is not 'straight'!!! and that, she could kick up a good 3 minute fuss over that!

I checked with the teachers, she will fuss and right after I leave the school, she will be all OK!  I'm very concern now with this scenario each morning in the house which is not creating any peace among us!  It make me stressed in the morning and even for that, I don't have any mood to actually prepare my lunch boxed each morning!

I don't know how long this episode will last, and I hope she don't do up a long winded TVB drama.  I've put myself in preparation, should this thing don't end by tomorrow (usually Friday she is alright), then I may have to go see the Principal and check out what can we do.  Do I change her class for her?

Now, back to the Kindergarden which I observed and can guess why it's a fuss... Being a Princess (who gets all the attention she want), my girl did not get that in the school.. In the morning when she entered her class, it's all quiet and no noise... No cheerful greetings and no welcoming sign (and that I can feel myself)!  Despite they have 4 teachers hanging around, no one actually noticed the children arrival, or even they do, they will just stand there and give a 'fake' smile... 

The children will just walk to their seat, sit down and look see look see.. like... hmmm... I don't know... I just  don't feel the atmosphere in the class!  I also know one of the teacher has no 'chemistry' with my girl, and that, it's getting it difficult...She is no observant on things getting on.. just a few days ago, I snapped as I was trying to coax Princess back to her classroom, and she 'offered' to walk my girl to the gate to send me off!!  Aiyo, didn't she actually hear me or she just think that it's good for the child to see the Parent leaving!

I don't know.. and I seriously bit lost.. I remembered that Princess was crying for 10 odd days too during the first time she went to her childcare earlier, but never in the position like this.. the 10 odd days she did that was only on the way, and not from the house!!!  It's not working, and I don't know what else should I do now... 

I'm lost..... 

I only pray that GOD give me the strength, the wisdom  and the patience to deal with this drama till the last episode.. GOD give me the voice and tell me what should I do to overcome this in peace.. I'm all stressed up now when I don't have a person to turn to and share out this except my blog..

How.. How.... 


  1. Last time when my eldest crying not to go to school, the level of crying is not as serious as ur princess o... But, the teacher also urge me to leave my boy to her, and she can handle him very well after I leave. When I pick him up, the teacher told me he's perfectly fine and stop crying after I leave. Did you check with the teacher how's her condition after you leave her with the teacher? She cry until you pick her up or she's ok after you leave her with teacher? If she keep on crying until she sees you, maybe you need to talk to her what's the main thing she dislike in this kindy. If she's ok after you leave her, the time of crying will reduce surely, just give her more time to adapt to the new environment.. Good luck!~ Hope to see your cutie princess smile everytime going to school in near future...

  2. hehe my son also say he doesnt wanna go sch and cry every morning. You gotto be consistent and stern. Tell her to her face "look, you have to go to school cos you need to learn. And I will be here to pick you up (or any other ppl) okay? " leave. do it consistently for few weeks. yessss few weeks. And she will be alright since she wil be ok after you leave. It's okay cyn!!!! I'm in the same boat as ya. Just stay cool and show no reaction!

    1. I kind of agreeing with Sasha. Do things that she can't expect, leave and go. In order to calm her, you have to stay calm too.

      No need to raise your voice to scold her, just be stern and firm. Be consistent.

  3. Perhaps it's the school environment. I noticed that the teachers will greet my girl when they see her. At least it shows some warmth feelings. And sometimes the teacher will ask everyone in the class to say, "good morning, xxx" which I think is good for children to learn abt manner, learn to speak, and learn some vocabs too. Surrounding also becomes livelier. there should be reasons why she doesn't like school. Otherwise, children normally love going to school as they got to play most of time. I don't think she likes to whine n cry every morning too. Do find out. Try to see things from her eyes.

  4. Your princess has been making a lot of fuss before leaving for her kindergarten. I understand it really spoil your morning.

    Agree with other mamas' comments here. You have to be stern and consistently tell her, this is her new routine :)

    She'll be alright soon, Cyn. Take care.

  5. I know some mums stay outside the class for one whole year!!!!!

  6. Aijor...after reading ur post,I can feel how 'pek chek' you are every morning. I had the same experience like you.The first week was all fine. Second week I got shocked. The small one suddenly refused go school and I die die also must go find out the reason. Only to know when her teacher tickled her mouth and bcos of that she got offended.**Tell you hor..only after 4 days she own-self admitted to me what has happened** See how patience we mom have to be. Sweat** Luckily, now back to square.

    Hope Princess will be okay soon. Mom stay stern and cool,ok.

  7. well I think that you are too close with your princess.
    once you are not around she become scare..

  8. I think this will take time. Most children are too used to be with their parents at home and it takes time to adjust to the new environment. Maybe you can encourage her to make more new friends. Sooner or later, she will tell you that she can't wait to go to school. Good luck :)

  9. I experienced the same with mine.The drama started the moment I tried to put on his uniform. It was crazy fighting match, till the point I resorted to putting on his uniform when he's still half awake. People told me to just leave him there and convince him that I WILL pick him up after school. I tried everything, coaxing, bribing but nothing seemed to work. But on 1 fine day, he suddenly stopped his nonsense. I must have been the happiest mom on earth that day. I think he realised that he has to go to school no matter what. The teachers said this is normal. If it's not 1 week, then it's 1 month, 1 year or even for the entire kindy years. Your 1 fine day will come. So whatever that's happening now till the 1 fine day is just a phase. You & your pricess will get through the phase. You're a strong lady. You'll be fine.

  10. It reminded me to my boy Ryan when he was 3 years old,his first time attending the Taska. He was tearing for almost 3weeks,everytime when I waved goodbye to him, I saw his tears drop. I believe Princess has not get used to her new environment...give her more time to adapt well there.


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