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Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 3 - Still crying... and came home with a 'gift' last night..

Guess if by next Monday, Princess still refuse to enter her classroom, I may have to request for a change.  This morning, she just walked pass her assistant teacher without even having a 'thought' to enter the classroom!  She just walked straight to the daycare centre!

Anyway, that's aside, I'm glad she is still keen to go to school just not into the class!!  That's still can be settle in due course.  I'll get panic if she does not want to enter school in one day!  Hope that day won't come!

On the bright side, my princess brought back a 'gift' for me last night.  We were arranging the school bag, taking out the dirty uniform for washing, and she 'took' her container that has her snacks for me.  She told me that 'Mummy, I keep this for you to eat, tomorrow you bring to work, OK?

Please guess what she got me...hahaha...this morning, I pack this in a plastic bag, and brought to work for breakkie... :p

Some chocolate pops!!!

For myself, I've been getting busier at work, with a program started to run full force.  It's now more to talk on the phone!  And surprisingly, that I didn't even realized that I did not log in to my gmail yesterday at work!!

Well, I still got some spare time to update the blog, but then again, a short one like this will only appear... no long long post till the program ended.. hehehe...


  1. so sweet..
    your princess is so sayang you... save some goodies for you..

  2. She kept for you? So sweet!

    Hopefully she'll love school soon :-)

  3. Princess is so sweet. I hope that she will soon get over her crying phase.

  4. Princess is growing up fast.. sooner or later, leaving for college leh.. hehehe..

  5. So sweet. Kids brought up with lots of love will have a lot of love to share. Thumbs up!!! No worries, give her time...she'll be ok soon.


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