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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you know William?

I drafted a long post last week, but very unfortunate it did not get posted as I was having bad fever day.. and this morning, when I got back to work, the news that the boy was gone spread over the weekend!  How many of us are one guilty parents of leaving child / children in car?

I'm one that is guilty of leaving child in the car!  YES, I will leave Princess in the car if I'm just down to go for  some bank matters, or sometimes grabbing a quick ta pao.  This happen if I can have it to save the 'trouble' of bringing her in and out of the car however the car must be within my visualization area!

We do heard of children being suffocated while left in the car, but having the child 'opened' the car door and went missing was not a 'case'.  My girl has know how to open the car door now, and I guess it's no longer an option for me to do so, more with this incident.

It's sad to hear William is no longer with us, and may his soul Rest in Peace.  

I hope this incident do awake some parents who really take things for granted, and not leaving their child / children out of their sight.  Let Princess out of my sight for 2 sec, my heartbeat will surely STOP!  Just last Sunday, when Princess went running around the church compound while we were waiting for a talk to start, and even in a 'safe' compound, my heart will went thumping and I went searching for her.  I know she was in safe hands (as she followed my friend's maid to the ladies) but still..... I'm worry... 

My manager and I were discussing last week when we heard the fateful news, that if anything happened to our own child, I think we will follow their steps too!!!  I pray to GOD for his Mighty Power, that HE keep my girl, and all the children in the world Safe!!  Just let them live their life to fullest, and not being in bad situation like this.



  1. Not only you left your child in the car, me too. I left both of my girls in the car too, when I need to go and buy a loaf of bread at the sundry shop. But I don't dare to do so anymore after William's case.

    But then, no one knows whether William was really inside the car, or he was still alive that time.

  2. Please please don't ever leave Breana alone in the car when you are out again. Accidents can happen in split seconds.

  3. Oh... yes.. don't ever leave the child in the car.. anything can happen.. even if inconvenient to take her along, it is better to be safe.. yes..

  4. Sigh..I am also getting more paranoid now. I also leave my children in car when I run errand, provided the car is within my sight and I won't take longer than 10 mins. If I do need to go ATM and bb is sleeping in the car, I park right in front of bank , off car engine, lock her in and dash in to bank. I always tell the older kids never to open car door, anything , press on the honk n yell. But now sure I shall do that anymore.

    Dragging all out doesn't seem safe either, with snatch theft so rampantly happen

  5. Yes I did that too. After this sad case I have phobia and learn a lesson too, never ever leave our child alone, even just for 5 mins.

  6. Please do not do that again. We do not know when accident happens. Do take lots of precaution!


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