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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Efficient Maybank...

My house water service was disrupted as we kind of delayed the payment as I was kind of busy over the last few weeks, and SYABAS decided to get efficient, and came to my house leaving the red letter informing me of the 'disruption' service!!!

This morning, I went into my M2U, planning to make payment and get it clear so I can get my WATER as soon as possible.  I would rather have NO Power (Electricity) than NO WATER!! But another horror happened when I log on to my M2U, and happily thought I could solve this problem, I got this following message!!! and mind you, it was from 8.45am!

So, I posted on Maybank FB, and within a while, I got replied.. efficient I am thinking.. GOOD... and they told me the function is OK.... 

Then I tried again in the afternoon, and this time, I posted the message on Maybank FB wall..

So, I worked with Maybank through FB, and I message them the issue, and voila.. I managed to get it DONE!!  And I've just faxed the payment details to PUSPEL and hope they will return my WATER SOON!

Thanks to Maybank for solving this issue for me, or I am wondering when can I go pay the bill and get this done... Why la Syabas no direct payment geh? Or am I not informed of their service?  

Water, water... please come back soon... 


  1. Nice try...I can't stand neither the absence of electricity nor water. A good company should have a good customer service like this. Kudos to them.

  2. you use a lot of water..
    mine is free due to the minimum usage..
    hope you get back your water soon..

  3. haha free promotion for maybank. =p

  4. Glad you got that sorted out without much hassle.

    Adoi, I can't live without water leh.

  5. I can't tahan too if no water..

  6. Their online service is efficient but through phone is terrible

  7. Oh yes I can't live without water, especially with young kids at home.


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